Dr Oz: Sharona Sankar-King & Michael Lamb Weight Loss Diet Tips


Dr Oz: Transformation Nation Staff Secrets

Dr Oz got to know the inspiring stories behind the success of his top 10 Transformation Nation Million Dollar You finalists, including Diet Tips from Michael Lamb and Sharona Sankar-King. He also got advice on TV Workouts and Facing Fitness Fears. But first he explained that he encouraged his staff to practice what they were promoting.

Dr Oz: Michal Lamb Diet Winner

Dr Oz's finalists like Michael Lamb and even the show's staff got in on the Transformation Nation Million Dollar You weight loss challenge for better health.


That’s right: Dr Oz made his staff participate in the contest (and I’m pretty sure they were disqualified from the prize, so they had to do it just for the health benefits). His staff had their own Weight Watchers meetings around the office. One staff member shed nearly 40 pounds. The show’s content and guests helped out by providing tips and encouragement all season long.

Dr Oz thanked his staff for leading by example. He even invited the behind the scenes production team out onstage to get a well deserved round of applause from the studio audience.

Dr Oz: Michael Lamb

Michael Lamb called himself a couch potato, once tipping the scales at over 300 pounds. His wake-up call came when his wife was diagnosed with Lupus. He learned he could not qualify to be her Kidney donor because of his poor health.


He was inspired to take on Dr Oz’s Transformation Nation challenge to get in shape and live a healthier life with the woman he loves. He sees the grand prize as icing on the cake, but feels that he already has his rewards. He’s in great shape and will now be able to donate a kidney to his wife if the need arises.

Michael’s wife, Shelly, thanked her husband on the show and said she appreciated what he has done to change their lives and give them more time to be happy and healthy together.

Michael’s Diet Tips: Look inside yourself and figure out your personal motivation for weight loss. Once you know why you’re doing it, the process will be much easier.

Dr Oz: Sharona Sankar-King

Sharona Sankar-King is a busy wife and mother of two. All of her stresses made it difficult to lose her baby weight. But her children were her motivation to get in better shape. She started taking her health seriously when she realized that she doesn’t want her children to grow up without their mom.

By making her own health a priority, Sharona was able to lose 25 pounds and make healthier lifestyle choices, which should set a better example for her children as well. Her children even surprised her on stage.

Sharona’s Diet Tips: Find your favorite healthy foods. Then you can create great tasting meals around the things you love that you know are good for you.


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