Dr Oz: Quickie Rev Up Workout Plan & Swimwear Shopping Do’s & Don’ts


Dr Oz: Swimsuit Cleanse Success Stories

To really put the Swimsuit Cleanse to the test, Dr. Oz asked two of his fans to try the cleanse for one week and then stop back by the studio to talk about how well it worked.

Jen weighed 166 pounds before she started the cleanse and when she returned she weighed 161 pounds. She said the cleanse was really easy to follow, she never felt hungry and there were times when she couldn’t even finish her dinner.


Lindsey weighted 176 pounds before the cleanse and when she stopped back by Dr. Oz’s studio she weighed 169 pounds. She literally lost a pound every single day and she said it was easy to do.

Dr Oz’s Quickie Rev Up Workout

The swimsuit cleanse isn’t the kind of cleanse where no exercise is needed. Dr. Oz said you also need to follow his quickie rev up workout to lose the weight, so he brought on fitness expert Geralyn Coopersmith to go over the exercises everyone needs to follow to lose five pounds in one week.

Dr Oz: Quickie Rev Up Workout Plan & Swimwear Shopping Do's & Don'ts

Dr. Oz talked with two women who tried his Swimsuit Cleanse with great results and shared his quickie rev up workout and his do’s and don’ts when shopping for swimwear.


Coopersmith said you can do a 10 minute workout that is the same as a 60 minute workout as long as you alternate between high and low intensity during the workout. Try doing the four exercises listed below for 10 minutes each day. If you can’t do it all at once, split up the workout throughout the day.

  • Quick feet – Run in place as fast as possible for 30 seconds.
  • Mountain climbers – Low intensity mountain climbers for 15 seconds.
  • Speed skaters – Do the same motion as a speed skater for 30 seconds. Go as fast as you can.
  • Pelvic bridge – Low intensity pelvic bridges for 15 seconds.

After you have done all four exercises, restart back at the quick feet exercise until you have worked out for 10 minutes.

Do’s and Don’ts For Swimsuit Shopping

In a Dr. Oz poll, he found that women rank swimsuit shopping as being more depressing than paying taxes, going on a terrible date or even trying to find a job, but Dr. Oz wants shopping for a swimsuit to be more enjoyable. He brought on stylist Stacy Cox to show every woman how to find a swimsuit for their body type.

Pear Shape (Bigger on the bottom than on top) – Do not wear a tie-string swimsuit. This gives the rear end no support in the area it needs the most support. Instead, Cox suggested buying a suit that has slimming panels down the center of the suit and more built in cup support for the chest area.

Apple Shape (Bigger in the belly area) – Do not wear a handkerchief tankini. Cox found a swimsuit from Anne Cole that was flattering for any apple shaped woman.  The suit has body slimming garments sewn into the belly area and the color blocking along with the vertical stripes help to elongate and make the woman look skinnier.

Strawberry Shape (Bigger on top than on the bottom) – Do not wear thin spaghetti straps if you have a large chest. Cox found a great swimsuit option from Old Navy that had foam cups to support the chest area and a thick wide strap for support.

Banana Shape (Extra weight all around) – Banana shaped women need support all over. Cox found a swimsuit from Tommy Bahamas that had a thick strap to support the chest area, padded cups to hold the cleavage where it needed to stay and “control fabric” in the midsection to offer more support.


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