Dr Oz: Pancreas Weight Loss & How The Pancreas Fights Belly Fat


Dr Oz: What Does The Pancreas Do?

Getting fit can be harder for some people than others, and Dr Oz shared how Paul McKenna’s Hypnotism Weight Loss is helping some people achieve their goals. But there are other natural tools you can use in your battle, and one of them is an organ you’ve probably heard of. But do you know what the Pancreas does? Find out how it can work with you to shrink your stomach through Pancreas Weight Loss.

The Pancreas is useful in helping the body filter and process the things you put into it. But when it gets overwhelmed with sugar and junk food, this can lead to Diabetes and weight gain. Dr Oz met Kim, a woman who loves chocolate and salt, as in her favorite snack, Chocolate Covered Pretzels.


Where Is The Pancreas?

Pancreas Weight Loss: Dr Oz

Dr Oz shared Pancreas Weight Loss secrets about how the organ works to prevent belly fat.

Kim strapped on some purple gloves for a look at the human Pancreas, which helps the body manage carbohydrates. In the torso, amid the Stomach and Liver, is your Pancreas. It communicates with those other organs to manage the body’s insulin levels.

The Pancreas goes into overdrive when you eat big meals, and when Insulin levels get out of control, the body can have trouble keeping things running smoothly.


Dr Oz: Pancreas Weight Loss & Flat Stomach

Dr Oz used props to explain how the Pancreas works. He explained that the Pancreas reacts differently to sugars from junk food versus sugars from healthier fruits. Insulin interacts more easily with natural sugars instead of processed sugars, which take more Insulin to properly break them down.

Continually overdosing on junk food overloads the Pancreas, and when it can’t keep up with the workload demands, the byproduct is unwanted belly fat.

Dr Oz Belly Fat Diet Swaps

If you want to help your Pancreas keep belly fat away, there are foods you can swap or avoid to help streamline the process. Choose natural options and snacks when possible.

  • Bad – White Bread
  • Better – Whole Wheat Bread
  • Best – Pumpernickel Bread

Look for meal options that have high fiber and low sugar content. You can also try cooking Pasta to Al Dente. Avoid overcooked pasta, which can spike the blood sugar.

  • Bad – White Rice
  • Better – Brown Rice
  • Best – Barley


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