Dr Oz: Morbidly Obese Women Debate Obesity Issues & Body Image


Dr Oz: Women & Obesity Debate

Dr Oz’s show was about the obesity epidemic, and it featured voices from both sides of the conversation. Dr Oz met four women who were happy with their size and actually trying to become even bigger. Next, he talked with four overweight women who wanted to get their size under control. Here is what those women had to say about their Obesity Issues.

Dr Oz: Morbidly Obese Women on Being Overweight

One of the women said that issues like the Feederism Fetish (where fat women eating gives others gratification) made all obese people look bad. Star said she struggled to manage her weight throughout life, and she was frustrated with the women who accepted their obesity.


Star said she did not feel good about her body at all. She has four children and is afraid of dying of a heart attack. She wanted to lose weight. She has previously worked as an adult entertainer, making up to $500 per hour to let men smell her armpits; unlike most jobs, that one required that she not bathe.

Does Obesity Make Fat People Look Lazy?

Obesity Issues: Dr Oz Debate

Dr Oz’s guests debated obesity issues and health concerns associated with being overweight. What do you think about their opinions?

CeLisa said her weight is just under 400 pounds. Her ex-boyfriend introduced her to the feeder community, and at her current size she is uncomfortable even moving around. She is not happy with her body, and she feels that the women promoting obesity are furthering the perception that fat people are lazy.


Though there was some blowback from CeLisa’s comment, she continued by pointing out how much difficulty all the women had moving around the stage. Dr Keith Ablow agreed with CeLisa, saying he believes the women are in denial.

Rhea said she weighs over 400 pounds, and her husband divorced her because of her size. Even while she was married, she said she never met his family, because he was embarrassed to be seen with her. Like Dr Ablow, Rhea said she believed that morbidly obese people are lying if they say they are happy with their bodies.

Obesity Issues and Parenthood

AnSean is a single mother who is worried about how her obesity will affect her children’s lives. What if she cannot raise them because of her health issues. She said she believes that her obesity is unhealthy because her body frame is not designed to carry her extreme weight.

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