Dr Oz Metabolism: White Bean Extract, L-Arginine & Pickled Peppers


Dr Oz: Metabolism Boosters Under $20

Dr Oz talked about a 7 Day Metabolism Booster Plan on his show, mentioning little tweaks to make to your routine that can fire up your metabolism. Next, he turned his attention to products and supplements you can add to your pantry for under $20 that will help you achieve your metabolic goals, including White Bean Extract, L-Arinine Supplements, and even Pickled Peppers.

Dr Oz said that the items he was featuring are not only affordable. They’re also easy to find at your local health or grocery store. Here’s a look at the benefits of each of these Metabolism Boosters.


Dr Oz Metabolism: White Bean Extract Review

Dr Oz: White Bean Extract & L-Arginine Reviews

Dr Oz shared the metabolism benefits of supplements like White Bean Extract & L-Arginine, plus how Pickled Peppers can help.

Dr Oz has talked before about the benefits of White Bean Extract. Here, he explained that it prevents starches from being absorbed or digested. That in turn leads to lower calorie consumption, helping your body burn fat and gain muscle mass. This is one of the secrets to better Metabolism, and doing this in conjunction with his other strategies could help push you to even greater results.

He suggested taking one dose of White Bean Extract daily before your biggest meal; you can find White Bean Extract online or in your local health food or supplement store.


Dr Oz Metabolism: L-Arginine Supplement Review

One of the keys Dr Oz stressed about Metabolism is getting more protein in your diet. A way to do that beyond eating every three hours is to add a supplement to your routine. L-Arginine Supplements are an Amino Acid that help the body build muscle and keep your metabolism going strong. He recommended taking one capsule per day. L-Arginine is also online and in health food stores.

Dr Oz Metabolism: Pickled Peppers

Dr Oz said he saved his favorite pick for last, but it may be a surprise to you. He recommended Pickled Peppers as a metabolism booster; how crazy is that? Actually, the vinegar in these can block the body from storing excess fat, which means it’s harder for you to put on weight.

Pickled Peppers are also rich in Capsaicin (that’s what gives them a spicy kick), a chemical that naturally boosts the body’s metabolism. Dr Oz said the maximum benefit from this product comes from taking it early in the day. Would you ever try Pickled Peppers for breakfast? Even if you just want to add them as a snack, you should be able to find them at a grocery store in your area.


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