Dr Oz: Meratrim Supplement Dosage, Pomegranate Vinegar + 2x Protein


Dr Oz: Triple Your Fat Loss

Do you want to triple your fat loss? Dr Oz shared three methods you could use separately or combine together to get lasting results in fighting some of the most stubborn, unwanted fat and helping you get to your goals faster. Learn about Meratrim, Pomegranate Vinegar, and why you should double your protein.

Dr Oz said the plan focuses on blocking fat stores, burning fat after every meal, and activating calorie-burning mechanisms in the body.


Dr Oz: Flower & Fruit Fat-Fighting Combo

From the journal Obesity, Dr Oz discovered new research recommending the use of a combination of Sphaeranthus Indicus and Garcinia Mangostana. Together, they make Meratrim, a flower and fruit fat-fighting combo. Be sure to check the label and ensure you are getting 100% pure Meratrim if you are buying this product.

Dr Oz: Meratrim Supplement Dosage, Pomegranate Vinegar + 2x Protein

Triple your weight loss by adding Pomegranate Vinegar, a clinically tested dosage of the supplement Meratrim, and double protein to your daily diet.

Doctor Oz and a viewer used a giant muffin tin to explain how fat can plump with stored fat, like filling the wells of a muffin tin. Going on a diet can free up some of the fat stores, but Dr Oz said you really want to ensure you are sealing off those stores, to prevent them from filling back in.


Dr Oz: Meratrim Supplement Dosage

This herbal product makes it more difficult for the body to store fat, which means that the body should have to digest it. The science sounds good, but Dr Oz tested Meratrim on 30 women in the audience, who took 400 mg Meratrim twice a day, 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner.

The test subjects were to walk 30 minutes per day and limit their food to 2,000 calories. The results were an average weight loss of three pounds, and three inches from the waist. Some success stories were in the audience to share their results.

Dr Oz: Meratrim Diet Study Review

Ashley, a busy mom who did not exercise, still lost three pounds and four inches. Another woman had plateaued on a low-carb diet but was able to get results with Meratrim. One woman wondered whether her healthier choices contributed to her weight loss, and if the pill did anything at all.

Dr Oz did warn that it is still relatively new, and some of the long-term side effects may not yet be known. So far, he said that the known side effects are very mild.

Dr Oz: Pomegranate Vinegar Weight Loss Tip

The second element of Dr Oz’s plan to Triple Your Fat Loss is to consume a spoonful of Pomegranate Vinegar after each meal. This can prevent sugar spikes that spur fat storage. Several audience members sampled this, and you could dilute it with water if you think it is too tart. It’s vinegar, so I would not expect it to taste like the best thing ever.

Dr Oz said it’s possible that any form of vinegar could have similar weight management effects.

Dr Oz: Double Protein Diet

The final step to triple your fat loss is to double your protein at every meal. Dr Oz said that you can eliminate filling simple carbohydrates to make room for more protein. This will “activate calorie-burning heat mechanisms in the body.”

Carbs and sugary desserts are popular in most American diets, but that doesn’t mean it’s your only option. Generating internal body heat helps to burn calories. Digesting protein wastes excess calories, he said.

At breakfast, eat yogurt and protein, for example. For lunch, think about turkey and edamame (but not croutons). Then skip the bun at dinner and just have a burger with cheese and no bread.

Do you think you could commit to these solutions for shedding fat in a hurry?


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