Dr Oz: Marilu Henner Food Combining & Eat “Wet” Foods With Every Meal


Dr Oz: Marilu Henner Loses 50 Pounds on Vegan Diet

Dr. Oz already talked with Marilu Henner about changing her lifestyle around and making her health her number one priority after her father died. She even became a vegan, a move she said stopped her from having any type of symptoms related to menopause.

Marilu Henner: Seven Day Energy Makeover With Food Combining

Henner said she came up with the perfect plan to help everyone make over their energy in just seven days. She said her energy makeover plan doesn’t have any tricks or fancy items involved with it because it is simply about eating every day. According to Henner, her plan is all about food combining, something she read about in 1979 when she found a book written in the 1930s. Although food combining is a very old idea many people have not heard about, Dr. Oz figured it may be the solution to boosting your energy.


Dr Oz: Marilu Henner Food Combining & Eat "Wet" Foods With Every Meal

Dr. Oz and Marilu Henner went over the concept of food combining, how it can help boost your energy and why we need to eat “wet” foods with every meal.

Dr Oz: Food Combination Guidelines

Henner said the traditional American diet is focused mostly on starches and proteins but she said we need to look at foods in three categories: starches, proteins and fruits. According to Henner none of those foods should be combined with a connector.

For example, if you are planning on eating a meal containing both starches and proteins, you are going to need to add legumes to the meal to help with the digestion. Without the legumes in the meal, your body is going to feel exhausted because your body is working so hard to digest the food. It requires a lot of energy to digest food but proper food combining will ease this process and leave us with more energy.


Dr Oz: Food Combining At Breakfast

A lot of people like to eat eggs and toast for breakfast but Henner said by simply adding beans and salsa to the breakfast, you will energize your body rather than slow it down.

Dr Oz: Food Combining At Lunch

Henner loves to eat a big salad for lunch and she knows a lot of people like a starch with their meal, so she said a good food combination would be an arugula salad with mashed potatoes.

Dr Oz: Food Combining At Dinner

Henner revealed how you can stop feeling exhausted if you start adding peanuts to the food you eat. Peanuts, which are legumes and not nuts, will pull the entire meal together while being much kinder to your digestive system. Try putting them in some stir fry dishes.

Dr Oz: Food Combining Snack

Henner said she usually eats fruit separate from all of her meals, so she has them as a snack or as a pre-workout energy booster. Feel free to eat a ton of fruit and vegetables because they are always good for your health.

Marilu Henner: Eat “Wet” Foods With Meal

Henner firmly believes we need to eat our beverages rather than drink them. First, we need to drink plenty of water but not with our meals. Ideally you should drink a glass of water before you eat and Henner suggested eating a “wet” food with your meal to help with digestion. She recommended eating some celery, lettuce, zucchini and tomatoes, all of which are great examples of “wet” food.


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