Dr Oz: Marilu Henner Avoid Menopause Symptoms & Advocate For Hydration


Marilu Henner: Life Is An Experiment

It would be hard to believe Marilu Henner when she told you she was 60 because she could pass for a 30-year-old woman. Although she has always looked fantastic, Henner said it took her over 30 years to figure out how to live as healthy as possible. She told Dr. Oz life is an experiment and we need to keep searching for what works best for us, even if it takes a long time.

Dr Oz: Marilu Henner Lost 50 Pounds, Cut Dairy From Her Diet

Dr Oz: Marilu Henner Avoid Menopause Symptoms & Advocate For Hydration

Dr. Oz and Marilu Henner talked about why she wants hydration on the food pyramid, how she lost 50 pounds and why her vegan diet stopped menopause symptoms. (s_bukley / Shutterstock.com)


Henner told Dr. Oz her father died when he was 52 from a heart attack and from that moment on Henner has made her health a priority. She lost over 50 pounds and began focusing on ways she could improve her life and lower her risk for heart disease.

Henner said the first step to living a healthier lifestyle is removing the chemicals from your diet. For Henner, she said this meant she needed to stop drinking Tab, a very popular soft drink from the 70’s.

Next she eliminated caffeine, sugar and dairy from her diet. Of all the changes she has made to her lifestyle, Henner said removing dairy from her diet was the biggest positive impact of all. Henner even keeps her children away from dairy. She told Dr. Oz neither of children have ever had a cheeseburger or a glass of milk and she makes no apologies for her strong and outspoken beliefs where dairy products are concerned.


Dr Oz: Hydration Should Be On Food Pyramid

Henner said she believes hydration should be included the government’s food pyramid and recently brought it up to Congress during a visit. We are often told what foods we need to eat to be healthy, but Henner said drinks are often left out of the conversation. She is hoping Americans will learn about the dangers of drinking too much soda and coffee and start drinking more water instead.

Dr Oz: Marilu Henner No Menopause Symptoms Due To Vegan Diet

It can be very hard to watch TV and see all these celebrities losing a lot of weight while you can hardly find time for yourself and Henner said she knows it can be hard for the average woman. She said it is all about “progress not perfection” because everyone is at a different stage in their life.

Henner revealed to Dr. Oz she has not had a cold in over 30 years and she hardly had any symptoms from menopause. She believed this is due to her vegan diet combine with all the other healthy changes she has made to her own lifestyle. She wants people to follow in her footsteps and realize it doesn’t all happen at once. It took her over 30 years to find the changes she needed to make for her lifestyle.


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