Dr Oz: Is Sensa Powder a Placebo Effect? Sensa Ingredients Unknown?


Dr Oz: What Is In Sensa?

Dr Oz invited the creator of Sensa Weight Loss Powder, Dr Alan Hirsch, to talk about Sensa Diet Results, as well as explaining how and why the product works. Now that we have an idea of what the product is designed to do, and the positive results that some people are having, Dr Oz invited some impartial experts into the conversation about Sensa Ingredients and the placebo effect.

Dr Oz: Sensa Weight Loss Diet Results

Earlier, Doctor Oz mentioned that he is concerned about the idea that the Sensa diet allows you to eat junk food you know is bad for you and still lose weight. But what other criticisms do experts have about it?


Dr Louis Aronne and dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick joined Dr Oz’s discussion to offer their own points of view. Dr Aronne is suspicious of the idea that someone could expect to lose 30 pounds in six months.

Dr Oz: Is Sensa Powder a Placebo Effect? Sensa Ingredients Unknown?

Dr Oz invited experts to raise their concerns about Sensa weight loss powder. Is it just a placebo effect? Why are some of the Sensa ingredients unknown?

Though he does believe there could be some weight loss results with Sensa, he is also concerned that there was not a blind placebo research trial to study whether people lose weight just by the psychological experience of sprinkling dust on their food for weight loss.


Dr Aronne said he believes we need more research to know whether this product will truly work in the long run. But he does not think right now that this is the magic solution for your weight loss struggles.

Dr Oz: Sensa Ingredients Unknown?

From a dietary perspective, Kristin Kirkpatrick had some questions of her own. She said that at first glance, the ingredient list looks fine. But when you look below the surface, there seems to be a lot that is unknown about what’s in this product. She said that “natural flavoring” is vague and could mean many different things.

Dr Oz: Are Sensa Ingredients Safe?

Dr Alan Hirsch had a rebuttal. He said the Sensa ingredients are GRAS, or generally referred to as safe. The flavors come from natural foods, and the formulation changes on a monthly basis, apparently.

Dr Oz wondered why the ingredients aren’t listed more specifically, and Dr Hirsch said that it’s because the formulation is constantly tweaked each month.

Dr Oz: Is Sensa A Placebo?

Doctor Oz said that it’s important for everyone to know how to make healthier life choices for weight loss. Whether this Sensa diet is a placebo effect or not, he raised the question of whether this type of product acts as a crutch for people who won’t make more effort for their health and weight loss.

Dr Alan Hirsch, the man behind Sensa, said that he has told patients consistently to exercise and diet for weight loss, but most of them don’t take his advice. However, with Sensa, he has seen it jumpstart people’s weight loss of 10 to 20 pounds, followed by increased activity in patients who feel better about their bodies.

What do you think about this discussion? Is Sensa something worth trying, or is it really about doing the work of eating right and moving your body?



  1. Zdzislaw Meglicki says

    I’m almost sure Sensa is a placebo. The listed ingredients do nothing. The trick, supposedly, is in the flavouring. But it is just flavouring (and mild to that). It doesn’t do anything for real. So, how does it work, if it works at all? It makes you go through the ceremony of sprinkling the stuff on everything you eat. This makes you look closely at what you eat: no nibbling! The brochure tells you, you won’t need to eat so much. So, you make a smaller portion, sprinkle the stuff and… magically, you don’t feel hungry afterwards. The truth is, you wouldn’t feel hungry afterwards anyway. The hunger would go away naturally after half an hour without any sprinkling–this is how stomach works.

    The reason you reach for Sensa is because you eat too much, not just enough. So, if you make the portion a little smaller you lose the excess weight. The Sensa trick is to fool you into doing so.

  2. says

    It IS a placebo. A friend of mine who is a medical doctor told me that it is. While it is true that some ingredients in Sensa are unknown, he carefully reviewed each ingredient with me, explaining each respective purpose. He went on to explain that he had personally seen many strong placebo cases regarding a variety of illnesses. The illnesses he described having benefited from placebo were both real and imagined conditions. He added that it was his opinion that if someone actually experienced weight loss or health benefits from using a placebo, that they should continue use. That explained, if it’s working for you, it would be a good decision to continue use. However, he did mention that the expense involved may not outweigh the benefits based on his understanding of the product. He actually likened it to another weight loss supplement, Alli, which he confirmed is only actually responsible for a weight loss of approximately 8 pounds per year for the average person. I hope that this helps you in your decisions regarding diet supplements.

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