Dr Oz: Is Gastric Bypass Right For Me? Risks & Weight Loss Results


Dr Oz: Gastric Bypass

Dr Oz talked about Gastric Bypass Surgery on his show, speculating that it is the most underperformed surgery that people could benefit from. Research indicates that this procedure can reverse or reduce Type 2 Diabetes, while lowering risks for Heart Disease and other health conditions. Could Gastric Bypass Surgery save your life?

Dr Oz: History of Gastric Bypass

Surprisingly, only about 1% of patients eligible for the procedure elect to go through with it. The first weight loss operations were performed in the 1950s, but medical complications discouraged physicians from performing them.


Gastric Bypass dates back to the 1970s. The procedure results in a patient’s ability to eat less food while retaining fewer calories. Though it has typically been indicated for morbidly obese patients, new research shows it has benefits for Type 2 Diabetics.

Bariatric physician Dr Denise Bruner said that patients are typically out of the hospital two days after surgery, and there are usually no complications. Gastric Bypass surgery can help aid weight loss because it curbs a hormone that stimulates the appetite. Results can be almost instantaneous.

How Does Gastric Bypass Work?

Dr Oz: Is Gastric Bypass Right For Me?

Dr Oz explained why he thinks Gastric Bypass is the most under-performed surgery to control obesity and related diseases.


Dr Oz explained the procedure in depth. First, surgeons make a small cut in the stomach. This creates a new, small stomach volume. It’s about the size of a thumb and can hold just a few grapes. That means the patient will get full faster, after eating less.

The lower part of the stomach, containing gastric juices, is emptied. Then the intestine is rerouted to the smaller stomach, bypassing the old, larger portion. After surgery, a patient’s food travels through the Esophagus, the smaller Stomach, and into the intestine.

The intestine then sends food back through the larger stomach for routine digestion. This process reportedly virtually eliminates a patient’s chance of developing Diabetes.

Dr Oz: Gastric Bypass Results

Dr James Rosser is not just a surgeon. He is also a former Gastric Bypass patient who once weighed 450 pounds. His symptoms included Sleep Apnea, High Blood Pressure, and Arthritis. Since having the surgery, he is 6’4” and 290 pounds.

Before the operation, Dr Rosser said he thinks he is always more hungry than other people, even after eating a meal. These days, he said he feels his appetite is more normal and he knows when he is full. He said the surgery made him feel more normal about his appetite.

Of course, as Dr Oz observed, this procedure won’t cure whatever triggers a person’s emotional eating.

Is Gastric Bypass Right For Me?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself if you are considering Gastric Bypass.

  • Is your Body Mass Index (BMI) 40 or above?
  • Is your BMI 35+, with symptoms of Heart Disease, Diabetes, or Sleep Apnea?

As an example, Dr Oz said a woman weighing 200 pounds who is 5’4” tall could be a candidate, if she had health issues due to Obesity.

Dr Oz: Gastric Bypass Risks

Dr Rosser said there are still some myths surrounding the safety of the surgery. Though he said it is completely safe, there are two typical concerns he advises patients about.

Post-Surgical Leaking – There is a greater potential risk of complications in the 24 hours following the procedure.
Vitamin Usage – Patients need to commit to taking vitamins for the rest of their lives.

Dr Brunner said that medical school training never used to include nutrition. That means that many doctors don’t have specific information to share with their patients, beyond the generic diet-and-exercise speech.

Dr Oz: Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Results

Patient Joelle let Dr Oz’s cameras follow her through surgery, which took place about a week before the show taping. Joelle wanted to make a dramatic health change in her life. She was concerned about her High Blood Pressure and Sleep Apnea.

Having yo-yoed on her weight through the years, she wasn’t sure how to keep it off and maintain a healthy size. Her Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis was the final straw, and Joelle decided to go through Gastric Bypass.

Dr Oz shared video of Joelle’s laparoscopic operation. The surgeons cut her intestinal tract and stomach, as described earlier. A few days after the surgery, Joelle went home and didn’t have to take her Diabetes medications. Her doctors hope she will ultimately lose about 95 pounds.



  1. ed h. says

    i had gastric bypass and at 430# i had all heath issue. after 6 mo i loss 175# and no meds. i am a chef and eating was a way of life now i still love to cook but can’t eat alot of the food that i loved, witch is good because most of it was not healthy, win, win. now i eat because i have to not cause i want to. went from a size 52 wasit to a 36 feeling great looking great. if you are planning to have it done do your homework and good luck.

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