Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract Review & Fat Burning Desserts


Dr Oz Fat Burner: Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr Oz examined how to Burn Fat From Problem Areas, including the butt, thighs, and arms. But what about people who are hoping to burn fat all over the body? Lindsey Duncan, a homeopathic doctor, talked to Dr Oz about what she believes is a miracle pill in the fight against fat.

The Green Coffee Bean Extract has recently been discovered to act quickly in burning body fat. Though millions of us routinely drink coffee, this finding is encouraging people to find new ways to incorporate it into the daily routine.


Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract

Find out why Green Coffee Beans are so effective at weight loss compared to brewed coffee.

The pure form of this bean is a weight loss supplement, and the results of a recent study were that people taking the supplement lost 17 pounds faster than those who weren’t on the supplement.

Dr Oz: Green Coffee Beans vs Hot Coffee

If coffee is so great for weight loss, why can’t we get the same effects from our morning cup of joe? Lindsey revealed that the coffee we drink is roasted at 475 degrees, which burns off the beneficial fat burning acids in the beans.


The Coffee Bean Extract works by burning Glucose and slowing the release of sugar into the bloodstream. In doing so, it prevents fat from building up. Also, buying this supplement in its pure form means you’re avoiding unnecessary additives like Cellulose.

The suggested dosage was 800 mg twice a day, with a large glass of water. The ideal time to take it is 30 minutes before you eat.

Dr Oz: Coffee Bean Extract Diet Results

Last week, Dr Oz gave two viewers this supplement, so they could try it out for themselves. One of his test subjects, Kendra, said she noticed she had more energy and less hunger while taking it. She also noted that she felt full faster when eating.

Omayra, the other guinea pig, said she stayed full longer and also noticed the energy boost, even though she didn’t change her diet.

Kendra lost two pounds in five days by taking this pill. Omayra lost six pounds in five days of taking the supplement. Those are reasonable results, especially for not changing your diet. But I’d love to know the continued weight loss effects over time.

Dr Oz Dessert Fat Burners: So Delicious Coconut Milk Fudge Bars

Looking to lose weight without having to skip dessert? Dr Oz had a few tasty treats to try.

So Delicious Coconut Milk Fudge Bars are designed to be health conscious, which is why they use coconut milk. They are satisfying and each one is just 80 calories.

Dr Oz: Peanut Butter Oat Balls Recipe

You can make your own healthy snack. Mix equal parts of Peanut Butter and Chopped Oats, rolling them into balls. Let them sit in the fridge until they’re firm.

When they are ready, you’ll have a delicious, fiber rich snack that will fill you up and also build muscle.


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