Dr Oz: Gastric Bypass Candidate Questions & Weight Gain Risk


Dr Oz: Gastric Bypass Candidate Information

Dr Oz called Gastric Bypass the most under-performed surgery available. But if you are a patient or family member who is still considering this weight loss surgery, Dr Oz shared multiple perspectives and additional information to help you make your decision. Are you a gastric bypass candidate?

Dr Mark Essler joined Dr Oz to talk about his experiences with the procedure, including the story of Joelle, the woman featured in the previous segment. Dr Essler said that guidelines for who is a candidate may change in the coming years, especially as physicians consider other risk factors and co-morbidities.


Dr Oz: Joelle’s Gastric Bypass Results

Dr Essler said that Diabetics with a BMI of 30-32 are great candidates. In some cases, the operation is even covered under insurance. Check with your insurance company for additional information and ask about the circumstances where they would cover Gastric Bypass.

Dr Oz: Gastric Bypass Candidate

Are you a gastric bypass candidate? Dr Oz had patients discuss success vs failure and shared questions to ask yourself.

Joelle said she was feeling great about having gone through the procedure. It means she doesn’t have to take medication and she can more easily manage her blood sugar. Here’s a look at Joelle’s vital stats since having the surgery.


Blood Pressure

  • Before: 146/96
  • After: 135/90


  • Before: Four
  • After: One

Fasting Blood Sugar

  • Before: 172
  • After: 144

Since the surgery about a week before the show taping, Joelle said she had lost five pounds. Dr Oz seemed pleased with the improvement in her numbers thus far.

Dr Oz: Gastric Bypass Weight Gain

Sabina was in the audience to discuss her experiences with Gastric Bypass. Her surgery was about 10 years ago, and she said she gained the weight back.

Despite losing 110 pounds in the first 10 months, she said she gained weight during her three ensuing pregnancies. She also said that she had issues surrounding emotional eating that could have contributed to her weight gain, reminding everyone that the surgery will not correct any psychological components to weight gain.

Dr Oz: Am I A Gastric Bypass Candidate?

Dr Oz reviewed some questions to ask yourself before deciding to pursue Gastric Bypass.

  • Is your BMI 35+?
  • Do you have Hypertension related to Obesity?
  • Have you had trouble losing weight and keeping it off through diet and exercise?
  • Are you ready to make lifelong health and behavioral changes following surgery?

If you’re answering yes to these questions, ask your doctor about your options for Gastric Bypass.


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