Dr Oz: Forskolin Pills Fight Fat – The New Miracle Diet Pill?


Dr Oz: Forskolin Pill Fights Fat

Another day, another magical diet pill on The Dr Oz Show. Lisa Lynn is a weight loss expert, and she came on the show to talk about the Forskolin Pill that is supposed to fight fat by increasing metabolism to make the body burn double the calories.

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Lisa Lynn said Forskolin is derived from a flower that naturally enhances the metabolism. Dr Oz had his staff research this supplement and they concluded that it really does power up the body’s metabolism.

Dr Oz: Forskolin Supplement

Learn the benefits of the Forskolin Supplement & how to put them to work for your weight loss goals.

That means if you throw Forskolin into the mix, your body will automatically start burning more calories faster, according to the show.


Dr Oz: Forskolin Dosage Warning

Of course, Dr Oz insisted that this pill should be taken in combination with diet and exercise. (The secret is that diet and exercise really work for weight management, if you can maintain them.) The Forskolin dosage is 125 mg at breakfast.

But Lisa Lynn said you should start introducing this supplement into your routine slowly, and gradually building up to that dosage. The product is available from online retailers and can also be found in health food stores. Check the labels and ask questions, so you can ensure you’re getting a quality products.

Dr Oz: Forskolin Supplements Review

Lisa shared the story of her client, Emily. After just four months of taking the supplement, Emily has lost 20 pounds. Lisa said that Emily was already a champ when it came to diet and exercise, so the supplement helped her take the weight off even faster.

Dr Oz: Forskolin Supplement Candidates

There is no magic diet solution for everyone, as evidenced by the fact that this show features multiple diet plans each week. But depending on your needs and lifestyle, you can choose one that fits you.

Forskolin isn’t going to help couch potatoes who aren’t interested in doing the work of healthy eating and fitness. Ideally, the candidates for this supplement are already in the habit of eating well and working out regularly.

That doesn’t have to mean intense exercise. Even walking for as little as 20 minutes a day can be a great way to get started exercising. The more you move and the better you eat, the greater your results will be when taking this supplement, according to the show.


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