Dr Oz Energy Boosts: Reactive, Sluggish & Fluctuating Energy Types


Dr Oz: What’s Your Energy Type

Do you have trouble making it through the day without feeling exhausted and run down? If you struggle with your energy levels, there could be a personalized solution out there for you. Dr Oz shared a variety of energy types and strategies based on your body type.

Dr Oz: Energy Types

How is your energy level related to weight gain? Find out which Energy Type you are.


Doctor Oz: Reactive Energy Type

Collette in the audience said she is always stressed out, and this causes her to gain weight. Most of her weight gain is in the top half of her body.

Dr Oz concluded that she has a Reactive Energy Type, or E-Type. This means her body is highly sensitive to stress, and people with this type constantly feel edgy. They are also more likely to carry excess weight in the chest or arms, and feel more tired in the mornings.

Dr Oz: Reactive E-Type Remedy

He said the best counterbalance to this energy type is to reboot your Adrenal Glands. The sluggishness is often a result of a Cortisol imbalance, which can be exacerbated by a high glycemic index in the body.


For an energy supercharge, cut the Cortisol in your diet, and replace high glycemic carbs with low glycemic options like beans and whole grains.

Dr Oz: Astragalus Supplement Review

Setting the mood for sleep in the bedroom can also help lower your stress level and help you recharge. Try turning off all the lights, even from clocks or electronics like your TV or DVD player. You could introduce an Adaptogen to the environment, to help you cope better with stressors. The recommended dosage of the Astragalus supplement is 1000 mg daily.

Dr Oz: Fluctuating Energy Type

Patty was next to share her symptoms. She said she is sluggish in the morning and noticed that her weight gain is centered around her hips and thighs.

Dr Oz said other symptoms of this body type can include unpredictable monthly cycles, unexplained exhaustion, and lower body weight gain. When your biological rhythms get out of whack, this can make you tired several days before you start your period.

Dr Oz: Fluctuating E-Type Remedy

There are several tricks you can try to remedy the symptoms of the Fluctuating E-Type. Here are the hormone balancing suggestions mentioned by Dr Oz.

  • Eat Almonds, Nuts, Milk and Dairy. These foods can calm the body’s estrogen surges.
  • Minimize Soy in your diet, which can spike Estrogen. Watch out for it in products like Ice Cream and Sauces. Though it has health benefits generally, it can be problematic for women with Fluctuating E-Types.
  • Choose Paraben-Free products. Paraben is a chemical found in beauty products such as shampoo and lotion, which can stimulate Estrogen.
  • Use ¼ teaspoon of over the counter Progesterone Cream daily. Start applying it about two weeks before your period.

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Dr Oz: Sluggish Energy Type

Last on the list was the Sluggish Energy Type, and a woman in the audience with this prodblem complained that she’s tired all day and feels weight gain all over her body.

Other symptoms of this include chronic fatigue and temperature sensitivity, in addition to overall weight gain. It usually indicates a Thyroid issue that needs to be corrected, and is sometimes the result of a lack of Iodine in the body.

Dr Oz: Sluggish E-Type Remedy

To combat these symptoms for those with the Sluggish E-Type, limit your intake of Goitrogens, which are found in Cruciferous Vegetables such as Broccoli, Cabbage, and many other greens. Though these have many health benefits, they can also suppress your Thyroid function.

Steam these vegetables when cooking to help reduce the intake of Goitrogens. You can also add 1000 units of a Vitamin D supplement to your diet. Dr Oz also recommended humming for 10 seconds as a technique to stimulate the Thyroid gland.


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