Dr Oz: Elvis Duran Weight Loss Surgery + Gastric Sleeve


Dr Oz: Elvis Duran Weight Loss Surgery

As Dr Oz said, Elvis Duran has one of the most famous voices in America, and now he’s stepping out from behind the mic to talk about his decision to end his lifelong struggle with weight. He’s the host of Elvis Duran and The Morning Show, which is the nation’s #1 Top 40 radio show. A few years ago, Dr Oz visited Elvis in his studio and shocked him with a life-changing reality of his blood pressure numbers, which were so high that he could have had a stroke that day.

Dr Oz: Elvis Duran Weight Loss Surgery + Gastric Sleeve

Dr Oz talked to radio host Elvis Duran about his recent decision to undergo Gastric Sleeve weight loss surgery. (Blamb / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz had actually talked to Elvis on his show about the severity of his health crisis, so this past year, Elvis underwent gastric sleeve surgery, which involves cutting out more than 85% of the stomach, restricting the amount of food that can be eaten, so patients feel less hungry, less often. Elvis is back on the air, his weight is coming off, and he’s encouraging his listeners to get healthy too.

Dr Oz: Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Elvis shared that it’s been only three weeks since the surgery and he’s lost about 28 pounds. Elvis shared that he turned 50 this past year and he recently lost both parents, who took their time passing away. He believes that because of health choices they made earlier in life, they paid the price when they got older. He said he doesn’t want to do that, because he wants to be around forever. He also wanted to wear “cool clothes” and not breathe heavily while walking up the stairs.

Dr Oz pointed out that a lot of people believe that was Elvis did was a cop out. He said it’s not a cop out because it’s hospitals and needles, as well as him having to change his entire eating habits. He said he’s glad he did it, but it’s tough.


Dr Oz then explained that normally when you eat, the food goes down into the stomach and the acid digests the food, allowing you to squeeze a lot of food into your stomach, until it swells. If you cut off enough stomach to leave just a “banana bit” behind, if you tried to squeeze that much food in there, your body won’t let you, so you’ll eat less overall.

Dr Oz: Weight Loss Struggles

Elvis said a lot of people who are battling their weight struggle with an internal “I don’t like myself” thing. He said he always loved himself, but he knew he could be better. Dr Oz shared that most people can lose up to 60% of their excess weight with this operation, but it comes with lifestyle changes.

Elvis said if he sits down to eat a meal, he eats four to five bites and he’s full. But at the same time, he has to eat well. He said it’s a tool, not a permanent change.

Dr Oz: Considering Weight Loss Surgery?

For anyone considering undergoing weight loss surgery, Elvis suggested you talk to your doctor first. It’s also good to talk to others who have done it to see the pros and cons. Dr Oz said there are a lot of listeners who love and trust him. One of them was Cathy, who shared a letter she wrote to Elvis.

She shared that she’s been overweight for as long as she can remember and is tired of getting out of breath, not being able to ride rollercoasters, and being unable to start a family with her husband. She said the weight has held her back and Elvis has been an inspiration for her, so she’s finally taking the steps to take control of her own health. She thanked Elvis for sharing his story.

Elvis told Cathy that it’s she who is changing her life, but he was glad she was giving him a little credit.



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