Dr Oz: Elvis Duran Weight Loss Plan + Eat Good Food First


Dr Oz: Broadcast Your Goals

Dr Oz was talking to a woman named Shaina, who calls herself the “fat girl in a thin family,” as well as radio host Elvis Duran, who was ready to share his plan to help Shaina get healthy and lose some weight. If you’re surrounded by people who don’t need to lose weight and you feel alone in your journey, the first thing you should do is broadcast your goals. Elvis explained that we live in a world where people stress us out. If you let your friends know that you’re on a weight loss journey, it will make things a lot easier, so that they can better understand what you’re going through. Dr Oz said that when people aren’t helping you, they’re enabling you.

Dr Oz: Prepare To Socialize

Dr Oz: Elvis Duran Weight Loss Plan + Eat Good Food First

Dr Oz and Elvis Duran shared a weight loss plan designed to help the “fat person in a thin family” accomplish their health goals. (bradleypjohnson / flickr)


Elvis also suggests separating eating from socializing. Elvis said he’ll drink vodka and water when he wants a cocktail, and he’ll nurse that same drink for a long time. He said as you start to lose weight, you begin to feel the effects of alcohol faster. You can also keep adding ice to your drink to make it last longer, because getting drunk isn’t the goal.

Shaina shared that she also really likes to hike, and thought maybe she could invite her friends to go with her. Elvis said that if you are planning on going out to eat somewhere with your friends, look at the menu online before you go and choose what you’re going to order early.

Dr Oz: Eat Good Food First

Next, Dr Oz shared that Elvis wants you to have “nutrition first, cravings second.” He said at least 75% of what goes into your stomach needs to be good for you. Protein and fiber are the two thing you really need to get you going, which is why Elvis likes to start his meal with what’s good for him. If you fill your stomach with bad stuff first, you have less room for the good stuff.


If you start with the good food instead, it works the opposite way, and you don’t have as much room for the bad stuff.

Dr Oz: “Embrace Long-Term Gratification”

Elvis and Dr Oz also wanted Shaina to embrace long-term gratification. Elvis explained that he was on the red carpet at the Grammys and he was wearing his “transitional tux,” which he knows will be too big for him when he gets to where he wants to be. He always keeps his “goal tux” in mind. He said you always have to keep in mind what’s down the road.

Shaina had a picture of her in her goal jeans, which she couldn’t fit into. Elvis said that when Shaina is able to fit into those jeans, she could come on to his morning radio show and talk with him. Shaina said, “That’s a great motivator!” So next time Shaina really wants to indulge in something not so good for her, she can keep that motivator in mind.

What’s your biggest motivation for losing weight? How are you getting closer to reaching your goals?


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