Dr Oz: What To Eat For Pooch, Muffin Top, Or Bloated Belly


Dr Oz: What’s Your Belly Type?

Dr Oz wanted to know if you know your belly type, saying that he wanted to show you what to eat right now for your belly type. He said there are three major belly types. The first is the pooch, where fat settles in the front lower part of your belly. Second is the muffin top belly, where the fat hangs over the pants around the waist. Then third is the bloated belly, where the fat is distributed more evenly around the entire belly, changing size throughout the day.

Dr Oz: What To Eat For Pooch, Muffin Top, Or Bloated Belly

Dr Oz explained the three different belly types and what to eat to help tone down each one. Get answers for your pooch, muffin top, or bloated belly. (pixinoo / Shutterstock.com)


Dr Oz said you can be one of them or all three of them at various points in your life.

Dr Oz: What Causes Pooch Belly + What To Eat

Dr Oz then talked to Megan, who is tired of her pooch belly that she says just won’t go away. He explained that the pooch belly comes down to your muscle tone, because age and testosterone levels can weaken and thin out your core muscles, which adds to the amount of fat migrating to your lower belly.

Megan said she first noticed her pooch when she was in college. Dr Oz said people may think you can’t rid of it, but there’s good news: you actually can! If you have a pooch belly, Dr Oz suggested having one serving of foods like eggs, wheat germ, plain yogurt, almonds, edamame, and oysters, because they’re rich in zinc and magnesium. In addition to that, you have to incorporate protein into every one of your meals, filling about a quarter of your plate.


Dr Oz: Exercise To Get Rid Of Pooch

People will a pooch belly also need to build up muscle, but rather than just doing crunches, you should try a different exercise. Dr Oz instructed Megan to lie down on the ground on her back and then, with her legs straight, raise her feet about six inches off the ground and keep them there. You can also raise your legs up and down a little bit, never letting your feet touch the ground. Do the exercise for as long as you can and then repeat it for a total of three times.

Dr Oz: What Causes Muffin Top?

Dr Oz also heard from Alissa, who sent him a picture of herself holding a container of muffins and asked, “Can you tell the difference between my waist and these blueberry muffins? How can I get rid of this annoying belly fat?” Alissa said she’s tried everything to get rid of her muffin top, including duct tape.

Dr Oz shared that the muffin top is the most common type of belly fat and the first place many women start to gain weight because of stress. When you’re stressed out, your body produces too much cortisol, which turns into sugar, feeding the fat cells, making you gain weight.

Dr Oz: Monounsaturated Fats For Muffin Tops

If you have a muffin top belly, you need to eliminate simple sugars, which Dr Oz said are suicide. As Alissa said, no more icing on the muffin top! What can do is eat a cup of complex carbs first thing in the morning, because it gives you the sugar you want in a healthier way. Also, three times a day you should incorporate monounsaturated fats into your diet. You can get them from olive oil, nut butters, dark chocolate, avocados, and coconut oil. Dr Oz said to replace other sources of fat with coconut oil because it will stimulate your metabolism to help you burn more calories.

Dr Oz told Alissa to pick a calming word that she could meditate to, like ‘cloud’ or ‘ocean.’ Alissa chose love, and Dr Oz told her to say ‘love’ three times, as she breathes in and out.

Dr Oz: Tips For Bloated Belly

Dr Oz then took a look at the bloated belly type, which is caused by inflammation and an imbalance in your digestive system. Your gut contains an imbalance of bad bacteria, retaining water and gas, leaving your with a bloated belly.

Virginia shared that she has a bloated belly so bad that sometimes she feels like a balloon. She said 95% of the beautiful clothes in her closet don’t fit because of her bloated belly and she feels like she has to cover up when she travels. Dr Oz suggested she have one serving of fermented foods, ginger, parsley, or pineapple a day.

Dr Oz also explained that the typical American diet is small breakfast, big dinner. He said to flip it: eat your largest meal at the beginning of the day, and then eat a small dinner. He also suggested that Virginia try his Total 10 plan.


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