Dr Oz: Dreamfields Pasta, Portion Control Oil Brush & Brownie Pan


Dr Oz: Weight Loss Gadgets

Viewers have been turning to Dr Oz for weight loss advice for several years now, and he is always sharing new ideas and approaches, like the Vitamin D Diet. Now he’s heading back into the kitchen to investigate some of the latest gadgets and tools you can use to manage your waistline, such as the Portion Control Brownie Pan, Lose It App, Dreamfields Pasta, and the Ultimate Oil Brush.

Dr Oz: Brownies & Dreamfields Pasta

You don't have to skip dessert to lose weight. Dr Oz's kitchen reviews included fiber-rich Dreamfields Pasta and a Perfect Portion Brownie Pan.


Dr Oz: Portion Control Brownie Pan Review

Katherine was in the audience, and though she used to weigh 248 pounds, she’s down to 136 now and proud of it. She still loves to bake, but to keep her cravings under control, she uses the Portion Control Brownie Pan.

You can use this to bake your favorite treats and have them come out in equal portions. A single brownie has just 105 calories, and Katherine said she saves her calories so she can enjoy a sensible dessert each evening.

Dr Oz: Ultimate Portion Control Oil Brush Review

Laura was also proud of her weight loss. She’s gone from 160 to 128 pounds in less than four months, which is pretty awesome. She shared her secret, the Ultimate Oil Brush, which helps you squeeze the perfect amount of oil into the pan, without using too much and packing on the extra calories.


Dr Oz: Dreamfields Pasta Review

Dean and Melanie are a married couple that teamed up to lose 85 pounds. After their wedding, they noticed they were gaining weight. Melanie got fed up and started a new program, which inspired Dean to get on board.

They shared their own weight loss secret: Dreamfields Pasta. It tastes like regular noodles, but it has twice the fiber of the average pasta. Check for the black box of Dreamfields Pasta in the pasta aisle at your favorite store for this fiber rich find.

Dr Oz: Lose It App Review for Android & iPhone

Wendy has gone from 239 pounds down to 164 pounds, which is definitely something to brag about. She said she had a lot of trouble sticking to a diet or finding a way to keep the weight off. Then she started tracking her progress using the Lose It App.

These days, she has more energy than ever and said she feels great. She uses her Smartphone app to track her calories every day. Best of all, the app is free, and Dr Oz said it’s a great way to stay on top of a diet program.

What are your favorite weight loss secrets and gadgets?



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