Dr Oz: Childhood Vs Adult Obesity & 1 Question To Ask Yourself


Dr Oz: Beating Obesity

Dr Oz’s show featured women on both sides of the Obesity Debate. Women explained why they are proud to be fat, while other were ashamed of their bodies. Dr Oz also met Pauline Potter, the fattest woman in the world, who shared her cautionary tale. Next, he wanted to get to the psychology behind obesity to help women understand why they are overweight.

Though we have seen that some women aren’t interested in getting help, for those who do it is available to them. Dr Keith Ablow was back in this segment to help people tackle the one question he believed could get to the heart of their issues with food and obesity.


Dr Oz: Tackling Obesity

Childhood Vs Adult Obesity: Dr Oz

Dr Keith Ablow talked about Childhood Vs Adult Obesity and how childhood experiences can shape our behaviors and habits.

Dr Ablow asked the women participating in this exercise to close their eyes and ask themselves:

Who in your life told you you are worthless?


That question, he said, can be difficult to answer, but it could be the beginning of untangling the feelings and emotions that have led them to where they are now. Mimi, who reported earlier that she is happy with her weight, said she always had a great life and supportive family. She said she thought the question was offensive.

Who Told You You’re Worthless?

In a private consultation (except for the TV cameras), Dr Ablow and Mimi discussed her childhood, revealing that Mimi’s birth father left the family when she was one year old. Even though her stepfather was always there for her, Dr Ablow believed that Mimi still felt abandoned by her birth father.

AnSean admitted that she used food to make up for the love she never got from her father. She said she wished she’d had the chance to tell him how much he hurt her family by choosing another family over her and her sister.

Dr Ablow said that this type of issue is very difficult for a child to understand, even if it seems straightforward to an adult. That is when children may begin to turn to food or other outlets to get comfort and support. Children tend to internalize those types of events and place the blame on themselves.

Childhood Vs Adult Obesity

CeLisa said that she always noticed how her family treated her blonde, thin sister differently than her. Dr Ablow said she would now have to let go of that pain and resentment to move on with her life.
Star recalled that her mother literally told her she was worthless. Through tears, she explained that she practically raised herself, since her father wasn’t around and her mother set such a poor example.

Dr Oz: Dr Ablow Vs Cheryl

As for Cheryl, who stayed to listen in, she didn’t buy in to Dr Ablow’s exercise. But she said she would be open to talking about other issues, if they applied to her.

Dr Ablow and Cheryl discussed that Cheryl was molested as a child, and that her mother knew about the abuse. He suggested that this was the root of her issue, but she continued to deny that this was a problem for her today.

To conclude the discussion, Dr Ablow told all the women that they are and were worthy, in the past as children and today as adults.

Do you buy in to Dr Ablow’s ideas about obesity and addiction? Share your opinions in the comments.


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