Dr Oz: Bread To Help Lose Weight + Coconut Bread French Toast


Dr Oz: Eat Bread & Still Lose Weight

Ever wished you could eat bread and still lose weight? You’re in luck! You don’t have to break up with bread, thanks to brand new breads on the market. Bread is the original comfort food and used to be the foundation of the food pyramid but it quickly got a bad rap when, as a nation, we began consuming far too many carbs.

Luckily, the food industry caught on and began creating healthier breads to appeal to consumers and their waist lines. But all those labels can be confusing. A trip down the bread aisle will cause your eyes to land on labels that say sprouted, coconut, spelt, tapioca, and levash, but how can you tell which ones are truly the healthiest, so you can eat your bread and still lose weight?


Dr Oz: What Happens To Your Body When You Eat Bread?

Dr Oz welcomed Amy and Ann, two women who adore bread, so much that they even wrote their own love letters to the food. Dr Oz told the women that there’s actually a scientific reason we love bread as much as we do. He explained that when you eat bread, it causes a sugar spike inside your body that helps insulin allow your body’s cells to use that sugar for energy. Those carbohydrates also trigger a “feel good response” because of dopamine, which temporarily soothes you and satisfies you. But then once that wears off, suddenly you’re hungry and irritable, only craving more bread. You end up training your body to crave more and more bread.

The trick is to find healthier breads that can give you those “happy moments” without the “unhappy times in between.” So what breads can you enjoy without experiencing that unhealthy roller coaster?


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