Dr Oz Body Mass Index (BMI) & Transformation Nation Million Dollar You


Dr Oz: Transformation Nation

Now that we’ve learned how to Survive The Grocery Store and Grocery Marketing Scams to watch out for, it’s time to think about how food affects our health. How can you tell if your food choices are making a diet difference?

As part of the Dr Oz Transformation Nation Million Dollar You campaign, it’s time to learn how to gauge your results. One way to do this is by calculating your Body Mass Index, or BMI for short.


Dr Oz: Body Mass Index

Learn how to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI), or get it done at Weight Watchers thanks to Dr. Oz.

Liz Josefsberg of Weight Watchers joined Dr. Oz to help shed some light on this seventh and final step of the Transformation Nation journey.

Dr Oz: How To Find Your BMI

Body Mass Index is different for everyone, because it’s based on your height and weight. Dr. Oz has been working with Weight Watchers to help people learn how to track their BMI. You want to shoot for a goal of 25.



Through April 9, Dr. Oz encouraged viewers to return to a local Weight Watchers facility to do a final weigh-in. This is the final step in this season’s Transformation Nation journey with Doctor Oz, which has inspired viewers across the country to be proactive about their health.

Doctor Oz: Families & Transformation Nation

As Dr. Oz and viewers prepare to wrap up this chapter of their health journey, the show offered five rules that can help keep families motivated and on track toward their health goals.

  1. Your food should be their food. This means you shouldn’t be making separate meals for yourself and your kids. That’s good anyway, because it means less cooking for you. Plus, if it’s not something you would feel good about eating, why would you let your kids have it?
  2. Be a smart snacker. Skip the chips and go to healthier choices, like Japanese Crackers or healthy fruits, veggies, and dairy products. Again, make sure everyone is snacking on the same things.
  3. Cook and eat together as a family three times a week. This can be a challenge with everyone’s busy schedule, but it doesn’t have to be dinner. You could make brunch on the weekend, for example. Just make sure to get the kids involved and make it a fun family activity.
  4. Be active every day. This is important. Take the kids and the dog to the park for a walk. Or find another fun activity that everyone can do to get moving together.
  5. No one is exempt. Make sure the rules apply to everyone, with no excuses. You should be able to follow through on whatever you’re asking other family members to do.

Keeping these rules in mind will instill good habits in your kids and have everyone feeling and eating healthier.


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