Dr Oz: Belly Blast Hot Shot, Fucoxanthin, Sacha Inchi & L-Arginine


Dr Oz: Metabolism Boosters

Do you want to burn more calories without exercising, and teach your body to lose weight on its own? Who doesn’t? That’s why today Dr Oz explored some ways we can all try to supercharge our metabolism and kick things into high gear.

Doctor Oz called his remedies and solutions rocket fuel for the body’s metabolism, and he explained things we can all try to get things going when it comes to burning calories better and faster.


Dr Oz: Red Wine Metabolism Booster

Say no to soda. Did you know that spicy red wine over ice is a better metabolism booster?

In the audience, Shelly said she drinks tea and water in the morning. But when she’s slowing down at the end of the day, she reaches for more tea and soda, hoping to boost her metabolism. Since that is a ridiculous idea, Dr Oz gave Shelly and all of us three beverages we can try instead of soda, that will actually burn calories instead of packing them on.

Dr Oz: Belly Blast Hot Shot Recipe

The first was a shot you can have for breakfast that is sure to start your day off on a spicy note.



  • 2 tablespoons Tomato Juice
  • ½ teaspoon Horesradish
  • Dash Hot Sauce
  • Fresh Lime


  1. Combine ingredients in a shot glass at breakfast.

Dr Oz: Kombucha Wonder Drink Review

Dr Oz also recommended Kombucha, a Japanese fermented tea beverage. Infused with Oolong Tea, this product is another aid to get your body going first thing. It fuels the liver and protects it so it can help work with the body’s metabolism.

He said you could lose seven pounds a year just by drinking Kombucha instead of soda or iced tea. That sounds like a great idea, as long as Kombucha tastes good.

Shop for Kombucha Wonder Drink.

Dr Oz: Spicy Red Icee Recipe

There’s another homemade beverage you can create to fuel the metabolism. Just mix a spicy red wine (I prefer a Spanish varietal such as Garnacha) with ice chips and mint sprigs. This will relax you and cut off your cravings.

Shelly’s favorite of the drinks was the wine mix, but at least it’s not soda I guess.

Dr Oz: More Metabolism Boosters

Dr Oz said that some supplements can also help you kick start the metabolism. These power pills are fat burners that get directly to the biology of the body’s weight loss. He talked with an audience member who noticed that her metabolism began to slow down after age 40.

She was having trouble finding the right supplements to get it fired up again. Here are the products Dr Oz recommended.

Dr Oz: Fucoxanthin with Xanthigen

HIs first recommendation was 200 mg per day of Fucoxantin with Xanthigen. This is a natural supplement that breaks down belly fat in the body’s midsection. Dr Oz said this is a good supplement to start with before branching out to others.

Dr Oz: Sancha Inchi

The supplement Sacha Inchi is full of antioxidants and high in Vitamin E. Plus it has Omega 3s to relax the body and reduce inflammation. The recommended dosage is 600 mg daily.

Dr Oz: L-Arginine

Next on Oz’s list was L-Arginine, which manages the body’s hormones. He recommended taking 2000 mg of this three times a day.

Dr Oz: Metabolism Fueling Foods

You can also tweak your diet to help fire up the metabolism. Check out the nutritional recommendations mentioned on the show.

Dr Oz: High Vs Low Calorie Days

Jennifer said she’s having trouble losing weight, especially since her 43rd birthday. Dr Oz told her she can trick her body into burning weight by alternating between high and low calorie days. It keeps the metabolism confused and working hard each day.

Dr Oz: Black Pepper & Dill Seeds

Dr Oz also recommended using Black Pepper or Dill Seeds as a condiment to help boost the metabolism.

Dr Oz: Spirulina Bars

Last on his list were Spirulina Bars, which contain proteins and amino acids. They are also available as cookies or chips, which Jennifer reported had a banana flavor.

What are your best secrets when it comes to keeping your metabolism high?


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