Dr Oz: America’s Fattest Woman, Pauline Potter, Speaks About Obesity


Dr Oz: World’s Fattest Woman

Dr Oz discussed the Pros & Cons of Obesity with women, including those who profit from their extreme weight through avenues such as Feederism. Next, he chatted with a world record holder. Pauline Potter is the Fattest Woman in the World. After the discussion earlier in the show, Dr Oz wanted to spend some time with her discussing her health.

Pauline Potter: America’s Fattest Woman

Pauline Potter: World's Fattest Woman

Dr Oz's guest, Pauline Potter, is the world's fattest woman, and she hopes her story can serve as a warning to others.


At age 48, Pauline Potter is 48 years old and won the 2012 title of Fattest Woman in America. She is 700 pounds, but she said she has been overweight her whole life. By 17, she weighed 200 pounds. She ballooned from 500 to 600 pounds between the time she met her husband and the date of their wedding.

Her husband always supported Pauline and said he was OK with her gaining weight. But her habits spiraled out of control. Now she can’t even get dressed or move off the couch without being out of breath. She said she feels guilty for making her young son, Dylan, assist her with basic tasks. Some days she does not even get out of bed.

Dr Oz & Pauline Potter: Obesity Health Risks

Pauline appeared on the show from her California home, because she was too large to travel to the show taping. Pauline said she wanted to use her title to educate others. She is not proud of her accomplishment, and she wanted other women to see how her health has affected her mobility.


Dr Oz got serious with Pauline, asking her how long she expected to live. She admitted that she is concerned she could have a heart attack and die at any time. Pauline is not happy with her life these days, and she hopes that her story can be a warning to other women.

Dr Oz: Obesity & Health

Dr Oz and the eight women back in his studio strapped on purple gloves to look at a human heart. He showed them a healthy human heart and compared it to the heart of someone who was overweight.

Reenaye, who was pro-obesity, was reluctant to participate in this exercise. Dr Oz explained that this was meant to bring the women face to face with what they are doing to their bodies. This was an opportunity for women who wanted to embrace healthier options, and Dr Oz invited the women who did not want intervention to leave the show.

Though Suzanne and Reenaye left the stage, the rest of the women stayed behind and received a round of applause. Cheryl said she wanted to be nosy and hear what Dr Oz had to say, but was reserving judgment.

Dr Oz noted in this segment that overweight or obese people are six times more likely to have a stroke, and 22 times as likely as an average person to have Diabetes.


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