Dr Oz: Align Your Spine & Red Muscle Vs White Muscle Exercise Plan


Dr Oz: Mark MacDonald Weight Loss Plan

Dr Oz shared everything you need to know for his After 35 Survival Kit, including natural mood boosters, the Vitamin Cheat Sheet, and an all natural stress reliever. He also met author and diet expert Mark MacDonald, who explained how to lose weight by stabilizing your blood sugar using his 3 Step Plan. But there’s more: check out the Mark MacDonald Diet Cheat and his weight loss muscle targeting exercise plan. Plus, find out how to Align Your Spine at home.

Dr Oz: Mark MacDonald Yo-Yo Diet?

Did you know that as many as 80% of dieters will regain all the weight they lost, and often gain a little extra as well? According to Mark, 75% of his clients manage to maintain their weight loss goals, because they learn the keys to managing their nutritional needs.


Dr Oz: Align Your Spine & Red Muscle Vs White Muscle Exercise Plan

Dr Oz and Mark MacDonald explained how to align your spine and the difference between red muscle vs white muscle for fat burning exercise; diet cheat plan.

The important step is learning to train your mind not to think of diets as restrictive. When you think you can’t have something, you want it that much more. We all know this is true: you want whatever you can’t have.

Dr Oz: Mark MacDonald Diet Cheat

Mark said you should focus on learning how to keep your blood sugar stable, using food to keep your body balanced instead of as a weight loss tool. Changing the way you think about lifestyle will also change the way you enjoy your food.


If you need to cheat on this diet plan, that’s OK. The Mark MacDonald diet cheat just requires eating about three ounces of protein before you cheat. Limit your cheating to two or three times each week.

Mark said he understands that we all need to give in to our cravings so that we aren’t feeling deprived. Protein counterbalances the blood sugar spike associated with sweets, which will help keep your indulgence from throwing you off balance.

Dr Oz: Align Your Spine Exercise

For additional health benefits and optimal health, Mark said you have to align your spine. How should we do this? By rolling around on the floor, of course (what is this, Dog Yoga?). A healthy spine is important to achieve your best metabolism.

Mark MacDonald recommended using a foam roll to roll around on your back, on your floor at home. It will definitely save money on a chiropractor visit, giving you a tissue massage in the process to stimulate fat burning.

Dr Oz: Red Muscle Vs White Muscle

Make sure you’re getting at least 10 minutes of muscle exercise every day also. Mark said that you have to pay attention to red muscle as well as white muscle.

Red Muscle is slow and steady, and we engage it through cardiovascular exercise. White Muscle gives us short, intense energy bursts. Engaging both types at the same time is the biggest key to burning more fat.

Engage white muscles first, for at least 30 seconds. Then work your red muscles for up to five minutes. Repeat the process for up to 10 minutes every day, and you may notice you’re burning more fat. That sounds too easy!



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