Dr Oz: Aleppo Spice Review, Kelp Noodles Calories & Curry Cashews


Dr Oz: Fastest Working Fat Burners

Dr Oz talked about methods you can use to Triple Your Fat Loss, and as a bonus, he shared some special foods you should include on your menu to maximize your results. Three audience members participated in a quiz because they were looking forward to big events for which they wanted to shed some pounds. Try Aleppo Spice, Kelp Noodles, and Curry Cashews (and turn down that thermostat!).

Dr Oz: Aleppo Spice Review

One woman was preparing for her approaching 40th birthday. She was looking forward to reunite with friends and family, and she hoped to slim down before then. Doctor Oz talked with her about Aleppo Spice, a spicy fat burner.


Dr Oz: Aleppo Spice Review, Kelp Noodles Calories & Curry Cashews

Curry Cashews are one of a handful of snacks and ingredients Dr Oz said you can use to turbo charge your body’s natural weight loss mechanisms with ease.

The birthday girl said she loves spicy Mexican food, which I do as well. Dr Oz had her sample Aleppo Spice added to popcorn, which has a sweet taste but is loaded with capsaicin. It activates approximately 20 fat-burning proteins in the body, helping you to burn more calories for 30 minutes after eating it.

Add it to curry, chicken, soup, or whatever else you want to enjoy. Find Aleppo Spice in your favorite store.


Dr Oz: Kelp Noodles

Kathleen told Dr Oz that she is preparing to fit into her strapless dress as a matron of honor at her sister’s wedding. What noodle did Dr Oz choose to help her achieve weight loss? Kelp Noodles were the unexpected recommendation.

Pasta is a favorite food for many people, but Dr Oz said you should switch from spaghetti to Kelp Noodles for weight loss. This is a gluten-free choice containing Trichosanthin, which helps to burn off stubborn fat that we have trouble losing.

It is also believed to reduce your insulin response. Kelp Noodles don’t have to be cooked. Simply rinse them and eat. A four-ounce serving has just six calories (compared to 179 calories in four ounces of pasta)!

Kathleen liked the taste, and she thinks it could be served with sauce and meatballs. For the calorie difference, I agree with Dr Oz–who cares what it tastes like?

Dr Oz: Curry Cashews Weight Loss Snack

Last up was another woman who is preparing for a wedding and wants to slim down for the Miami event. She wants to look good in a one-piece bathing suit, and Dr Oz thought that Curry Cashews might help her get there.

Nuts are great for weight loss, and Dr Oz said that Curcumin in Curry helps stop fat from spreading. Add Curry to a bowl of Cashews and enjoy the taste.

As a bonus tip, Dr Oz said you should lower the temperature in your bedroom to 63 F. New research has found that lowering the thermostat can help you lose weight by burning calories while you sleep.


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