Dr Oz Acacia Powder Review & Hot Pepper Jelly Increases Metabolism 20%


Dr Oz: How To Shrink Belly Fat

Do you have too much belly fat for your liking? If so, then get ready to say goodbye to your flab for good with Dr. Oz’s seven belly blasters that really work. He has the solutions to boost metabolism and shrink fat cells while keeping you healthy.

Hot Pepper Jelly Speeds Up Metabolism By 20 Percent

Dr. Oz said the first step in getting rid of belly fat is revving up your metabolism. Dr. Oz said the best way to jump start your metabolism is to eat hot pepper jelly. It can boost your metabolism by 20 percent for up to 30 minutes after you eat. Dr. Oz suggested eating two tablespoons of the jelly every morning. Try it on your eggs or spread over an English muffin.


Dr Oz Acacia Powder Review & Hot Pepper Jelly Increases Metabolism 20%

Dr. Oz went over suggestions to help you lose belly fat, like eating acacia powder, eating hot pepper jelly to raise your metabolism and drinking red wine.

Catechins In Green Tea Help Shrink Fat Cells

Whether you want to lose some weight for bikini season or for health reasons, Dr. Oz said the key is to realize you cannot get rid of fat cells but you can shrink them. One of the best ways to shrink those fat cells is by combining catechins and CLA.

Catechins and CLA Combo: Dr. Oz said catechins are found in green tea, which offers many other healthy benefits besides just shrinking fat cells.

  • Drink 2 cups of green tea every morning and feel free to add an all natural sweetner.
  • Make sure to steep for 20 minutes to get all benefits and drink the green tea warm.
  • Drink the tea with 3,400 mg of a CLA supplement.

Dr Oz: Acacia Powder Curbs Cravings

Dr. Oz said the biggest reason people have so much unwanted belly fat is because they are hungry all the time which leads people to make unhealthy food choices. But Dr. Oz had some tips to help everyone curb their hunger.

Dr. Oz said acacia powder is a diet pill that contains no chemical, and he said if you remember anything from his show today, remember what he has to say about acacia powder.

This powder is packed with fiber and will have you feeling satiated for a long time. The best part about the acacia powder is that it has no taste, meaning you can add it to any kind of food and enjoy the benefits without ruining the taste of the food. Make sure to drink a full glass of water with the acacia powder because it will expand making you feel full even longer.

Pickles Contain Good Bacteria For Weight Loss

One of the biggest frustrations many women face when trying to lose weight is getting the weight in their belly area to slim down. Dr. Oz has a pretty unique suggestion to help you get rid of the belly fat.

According to Dr. Oz, snacking on pickles is a great way to lose weight. Since pickles are fermented, they contain healthy bacteria that helps detox your digestive tract. He said by feeding your gut good bacteria, your digestion will improve and your belly will begin to shrink. Just make sure you buy low-sodium pickles.

Drink Red Wine To Lower Stress, Lose Weight

Dr. Oz said no matter how hard you work at losing weight, if you are stressed your body releases cortisol which works against you to store more fat. Reducing stress reduces cortisol levels, thus your body stores less fat throughout the day.

So what does Dr. Oz recommend to lower your stress levels? Drink red wine. As long as you only have a glass of wine, it will help lower your stress which allows for all Dr. Oz’s other solutions to go into full effect.


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