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Dr Oz: Weight Loss Pills

Who wouldn’t want to take a pill if it would help them to lose weight? In the struggle for weight loss, commitments to diet and exercise can be hard to keep in today’s busy schedules. Luckily, Dr. Oz shared ways we can give our bodies a boost with supplements and other weight loss secrets.

Dr Oz: Women & Belly Fat

Many women want to get rid of their belly fat, but for ladies that can be a difficult area to tackle. Four women from the audience shared their struggles with Dr. Oz.


Dr Oz: Belly Fat Diet

Dr Oz suggested looking to your meals to help your body fight fat with healthier menu options.

Loretta said she hates her big belly and can’t believe she has become so large. As Dr. Oz said, the body’s natural Metabolism slows down with age, which makes it easier to put on extra pounds, but also harder to take them off.

Dr Oz: 7-Keto Supplement Pills

There is a supplement that can help women boost their metabolism to work toward health and weight loss goals. It’s called 7-Keto, and it’s naturally derived from body hormones. This hormone level decreases by the time adults hit their 30s, and continues to decline for the next two decades.


The reason you want a high metabolism is because that helps your body create muscle. 7-Keto works by stimulating the Thyroid Gland and getting your 7-Keto back up to natural levels from when you were younger can help you lock your metabolism in at a higher rate.

Dr Oz 7-Keto Study Results

Dr. Oz shared research that put this supplement to the test. Subjects in the study took 200 mg of 7-Keto for two months. Participants had to agree to participate in diet and exercise during the study as well. The study group taking 7-Keto shed pounds faster than the control group that did not take the supplement.

If you want to give 7-Keto a try, Dr. Oz recommends taking 200 mg daily, with a 100 mg dosage in the morning, and another 100 mg at night.

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Dr Oz: Forskolin Supplement Burns Fat

Cloris is another audience member who wants to get rid of her big belly. She told Dr. Oz that every time she has lost weight in her life, she ended up putting it right back on. She doesn’t know how to keep the weight off, and it’s getting harder for her to burn fat.

Dr. Oz suggested Forskolin, a root from the mint family of plants. It has uses in treating heart problems, but new research suggests that it can be used to melt fat cells. Forskolin literally burns up fat cells inside your body, from the inside out.

Dr. Oz recommended a 12 mg dosage in the morning.

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Dr. Oz: Relora Supplements

Tammy is another woman struggling with her weight. She has been trying to conquer high stress levels since she became a mother. She feels stressed at home and work, so Dr. Oz recommended another supplement, called Relora.

Relora is extracted from plants popular with Chinese herbalists, and it actually helps control the Cortisol stress hormone produced by the body. This can lower your chemical stress level. His suggestion was a 250 mg dosage three times a day, with each meal.

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Dr Oz: Caraway Seeds

Dawn said that she hates her body fat and it makes her feel bloated all the time. She struggles in even finding clothes she’s comfortable wearing out of the house. Dr. Oz had a solution for her problem: Caraway Seeds, which have been a food staple for centuries, actually work to naturally prevent bloating and gas.

Dr. Oz explained that bloating is the result of bacteria in your body that turns food you eat into gas. But Caraway Seeds help your body digest food properly before it can be turned into gas.

Dr. Oz suggested eating a handful of seeds after your breakfast. Dawn sampled Dr. Oz’s Caraway seeds, and though she didn’t like the taste that much, she agreed to give them a try. In addition to supplements, he stressed the importance of diet and exercise in achieving weight loss goals and general health.

Dr Oz: Miso Soup & Belly Fat

Dr. Oz said our diets hold the key to cutting out that stomach fat we all want to lose.

  • Breakfast – Dr. Oz recommends high fiber whole grain cereal.
  • Lunch – Sauerkraut has bacteria in it that helps kickstart your digestion, so add it to a deli sandwich.
  • Dinner – Choose Miso Soup as a light alternative. It’s loaded with B12, which fights belly fat. It will fill you up, and you can have large portions with low calorie counts. Choose a low sodium instant soup at the store, or make your own from scratch.


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