Dr Oz: 7 Day Fat Busters: GLA, Chitosan & Calcium Pyruvate


Doctor Oz: 7 Day Fat Burners

We could all use a little help burning off those extra pounds, especially from problem areas we just can’t seem to get control of. Dr Oz shared some solutions to target your weight loss goals using suggestions and supplements that can focus on burning fat from your butt, thighs, or anywhere else you can’t seem to manage.

Dr Oz: 7 Day Fat Busters

In just 7 days, Dr Oz's food combos can make you less fat by targeting your problem areas.


Dr Oz: Big Gut Burners

If you’re fighting a losing battle against belly fat, it could be time to send in reinforcements. The good news is you’re not suffering alone, because more than half of America’s women have this problem, which can be related to stress.

Stress hormones cause the body to retain fat in the stomach area as stored fuel. In the audience, Nel complained about her body. She is single and feels that her large belly is sidelining her on the dating scene.

Dr Oz: GLA Supplements

To target your belly fat, Dr Oz recommended GLA supplements, and one cup of beans with every meal. Taken together, these will calm the body before it stores excess fat. The suggested dosage is 1000 mg before each meal.


Try this for seven days to see if you begin to notice results. If you’re looking for ways to add beans to each meal, Dr Oz recommended Chickpeas at breakfast, Black Beans for lunch, and your choice of beans at dinner time.

Dr Oz: Big Butt Fat Burner

There could be a genetic component at work for people who retain excess weight in the butt. If you notice it’s the first place you put on pounds and the last place you lose weight from, this could be you.

Serena said she doesn’t know what to do about her big butt, and is tired of struggling to find pants that fit her properly.

Dr Oz: Chitosan & Whey Protein Shake

The remedy for beating Butt Fat is a Chitosan and Whey Protein Shake. Have this as a replacement for your breakfast and lunch over seven days.

The Chitosan will keep the body from absorbing fat into this region. Whey Protein will work to build your body’s muscles. Mix 1000 mg of Chitosan and a scoop of Whey Protein in each of your shakes, and make sure you’re eating a healthy dinner to balance these out.

Dr Oz: Big Arms Fat Burner

I’ve never heard Big Arms called Bat Wings before today. But if you are hoping they will just fly away on their own, you’re out of luck. It gets worse: Dr Oz noted that this type of fat can be a heart health risk.

Dana complained that she’s embarrassed about her arm fat and wishes she could wear sleeveless summer outfits.

Dr Oz: Parsley Tea & Sweet Potatoes

The seven day fat solution for this fat area is fresh and tasty. It’s as simple as six cups of Parsley Tea and three Sweet Potatoes every day for a week. This will fill you up, and you can spread the Sweet Potatoes out at each meal. (Think Sweet Potato Pancakes at breakfast and Sweet Potato Fries later in the day.)

Dr Oz: Thunder Thighs Fat Burner

As swimsuit season draws ever closer, those thighs could be giving you fits. Also, thigh fat can restrict blood flow, actually making it harder to lose weight from this area. But it’s where fat storage goes to avoid your vital organs.

Audience member Leah noted that she’s tired of her so-called Tree Trunk Thighs. She wants to enjoy the Miami sun in a weather appropriate outfit, hopefully with skinny thighs.

Dr Oz: Calcium Pyruvate & Meat Substitutes

There’s a one-week remedy for this on Dr Oz’s prescription pad as well. Try a seven day diet of Calcium Pyruvate and meat substitutes. Take 1000 mg of the supplement and switch your proteins to Veggie Hot Dogs or Soy Burger Patties.

Giving up meat for even a week will reduce your intake of saturated fats, which means less is going to your thighs. Plant-based proteins don’t have this side effect.



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      I’d recommend that you check with your own healthcare provider or pharmacist before adding supplements to your routine, especially if you are combining multiple ones or are currently taking other prescriptions.

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