Dr Oz: 7 Day Energy Surge & Gravity Straps Reviews to Look Long & Lean


Jim Karas 7 Day Energy Surge Review

There are so many different approaches to weight loss and dieting that you’d think America’s weight problem would be easy to solve. The problem is that there is no magic cure or pill that makes the weight vanish. But products like Gravity Straps and expert trainers like Jim Karas try to hone their own relatable approaches. Jim Karas has worked with Hugh Jackman and Diane Sawyer, among others, and he shared his methods in The 7 Day Energy Surge. He said that women especially are making one big diet mistake.

Dr Oz: Breakfast Protein & Gravity Straps Review

Learn the benefits of a big protein & fiber breakfast, plus Dr Oz's Gravity Straps review.


Jim Karas said you cannot let your hunger dictate what you eat. Stacy was in the audience, and she said she is a veteran of countless diets. As a mother of three, she has a busy schedule. Though she often starts out on the right track with breakfast, she finds herself chowing down on junk by the evening.

Jim said that Stacy’s routine sets her up for failure. He recommended frontloading your day by having your biggest meal to start off your day and eating smaller meals for lunch and dinner. This will fuel the metabolism and keep you full all day long.

Look Long & Lean in 3 Steps: Dr Oz

Here are the three steps Jim Karas said you need to look long and lean on your path to weight loss.

  1. Eat a big breakfast.
  2. Make a moderate lunch.
  3. Choose a smaller dinner.

Feed your body from the beginning of your day, which will help keep your hunger under control for the rest of the day.

Dr Oz: Breakfast Protein & Dairy

If you need help finding ways to load up your morning breakfast, try adding protein and dairy, which are great for controlling cravings. Protein takes longer to digest, so having it at breakfast gives the body a chance to work it off throughout the day.

Eating two eggs at breakfast can cut 250 calories out of your day, according to the show.

Dr Oz: Fiber Flattens

Eating foods that fill you up means choosing fiber, too. The processed carbs in junk foods will just make you hungry soon after. Fiber helps by keeping you full longer, making your digestion regular, and whittling your figure into an hourglass over time.

Look for Artichokes or Pears (what about Artichoke Diet Pizza?), which each offer 10 grams of Fiber. The recommended daily Fiber intake for women is 25 grams, so that is a good start.

Gravity Straps Review

Another way you can jumpstart your leaner look is by focusing more on weight training than cardio. This will get your muscles working as well. Try using Gravity Straps to work your muscles.

As you build strength, you can increase the weight or resistance. Gravity Straps give you a full body workout, accelerating the heart rate and creating the afterburn that fuels your metabolism. The recommended workout with Gravity Straps is 30 minutes, three times each week.


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