Dr Oz: 3 Steps To Stop Obesity | Dr Oz’s Stop Obesity Plan


Dr Oz: Fighting Obesity

This episode featured Happy Fat Women and an Obesity Debate. In addition, Dr Oz met America’s Fattest Woman and shared a key question for people who want to lose the weight. Finally, he and Dr Keith Ablow discussed how overweight or morbidly obese people could break through and get results in their pursuits of health and happiness. Get the 3 Steps To Stop Obesity from this show.

Dr Oz’s 3 Steps To Stop Obesity

3 Steps To Stop Obesity: Dr Oz

Dr Oz revealed his 3 Steps To Stop Obesity, which could allow you to change your life today if you are ready.


No one is saying that it’s easy as 1, 2, 3, but there are three key steps to getting started on the path to stopping obesity, as seen on Dr Oz’s show. Here is what he discussed with Dr Keith Ablow.

  1. Ask yourself, “Who told you you are worthless?”
  2. Determine what fears are holding you back in life. What is going on with you internally and emotionally? Write it down.
  3. Get help. One of the biggest keys to success in fitness is getting support from others. Whether that is a trainer, group, class or gym is up to you. Find what you need and make it work for your life.

Dr Oz: Stop Obesity Plan

You can decide to end obesity in your life right now. Don’t wait for a day that may never come. If you are ready to make a change, decide and get started. Dr Oz said that you can sign up for a program or buy a book to help you get started on your journey.

Taking the first step is difficult but crucial. What will you do to get started? Keep track of your steps with a pedometer or find some other way to get yourself engaged in the process.


Dr Oz also suggested talking to three important people in your life and getting them on board to support you through the process. You will need help from people who care about you to keep yourself going.

Dr Ablow offered to help the women on the show get started, through individual therapy sessions. He admitted that it can be difficult to address and face the fears and scars of the past, but that the end results would be well worth it for those who were interested in transforming their lives.


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