Glutamine Smoothie Recipe & Lemon Lime Water: Dr Oz Drink Recipes


Dr Oz: Energy Drink Recipes

Dr Oz revealed the Truth About Energy Drinks on his show. He concluded that there are a variety of reasons why we should skip those sugary energy drinks as often as possible. Next, he shared a Glutamine Energy Drink Smoothie Recipe, and refreshing Pineapple Mint Water & Lemon Lime Water Recipes.

To help reveal these recipes, Dr Oz invited weight loss and metabolism expert Lisa Lynn and audience member Tanya onstage. Here are the Energy Drink Alternatives they suggested.

Energy Drink Alternative: Yerba Mate Tea

Dr Oz Drink Recipes: Lemon Lime Water

Dr Oz Drink Recipes included Lemon Lime Water and a Guarana Smoothie Recipe as alternatives to Energy Drinks.


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