Dr Oz: Seaweed Cellulite Mask Recipe & Cellulite Caffeine Cream Review


Dr Oz: Cellulite Mask Recipe & Solutions

Cellulite is never a woman’s best friend, but you don’t have to live with it and suffer if you don’t like it. Dr Oz said that, contrary to popular myth, Cellulite is a skin health problem, not a fat issue. He shared budget-friendly beauty solutions and a recipe for a Seaweed Cellulite Mask with the audience.



  1. edna hillstock says

    like the show very much just too too late coming in my life had it been when I was younger my health might be much better and I wouldn’t be over weight and a diabetic all the same I am working on it at age 64 very bad issue with circulation in my right leg the same one my mama had amputated because of poor circulation and being a diabetic I take medication for that what about inner leg fat?

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