Dr Oz: Seaweed Cellulite Mask Recipe & Cellulite Caffeine Cream Review


Dr Oz: Cellulite Mask Recipe & Solutions

Cellulite is never a woman’s best friend, but you don’t have to live with it and suffer if you don’t like it. Dr Oz said that, contrary to popular myth, Cellulite is a skin health problem, not a fat issue. He shared budget-friendly beauty solutions and a recipe for a Seaweed Cellulite Mask with the audience.

The women from Dr Oz’s audience said they started noticing more Cellulite as a part of aging. They bravely bared their Cellulite for Dr Oz, and admitted that it bothers them, even if other people don’t notice it. But there’s something important to know about treating Cellulite.


Dr Oz: Seaweed Cellulite Mask Recipe

Get the Dr Oz Seaweed Cellulite Mask Recipe from his show and find out how Cellulite Caffeine Cream could work for you.

Trying to burn off Cellulite is not really an effective means of treating it, because as Dr Oz explained, it’s a skin problem, not a consequence of body fat. If you’re not seeing results after working out, this is probably part of the reason why. Dr Oz enlisted members of his studio audience to show some more realistic approaches to dealing with this common beauty complaint.

Dr Oz: Cellulite Causes & Solutions

Dr Oz promised to make his Cellulite Solutions understandable and affordable. To explain the biology, he used an animation to show how the skin’s fibrous bands break down with age (here we go again; Dr Oz loves to talk about how aging is the biggest health monster of them all). As those bands bulge, we notice them as Cellulite. Hormones, stress, and thinning skin, as well as factors such as diet, all contribute to Cellulite.


Dr Oz: Cellulite Caffeine Cream Review

Dr Oz said that over the counter Cellulite Creams are often effective for reducing the appearance of Cellulite. He explained that Caffeinated Cellulite Creams are even more effective, and they’re cheap, around $10. Just like the caffeine in your morning coffee boosts your metabolism, these creams can boost the process of clearing up Cellulite from the skin.

Dr Oz: Elastic Underwear & Cellulite

Dr Oz asked one of his audience volunteers whether she wears underwear with elastic. She admitted that she does wear elastic underwear, and perhaps surprisingly, Dr Oz said this could be contributing to Cellulite.

That’s because the elastic constricts the skin, which can lead to a dimpling appearance. So there you have it: your underwear could be causing Cellulite.

Dr Oz: Facial Mask for Cellulite

Dr Oz talked about Facial Masks that many women rely on as a beauty treatment. Did you know that you could also be applying the same mask to your legs to reverse the appearance of Cellulite?

Seaweed is a key effective ingredient in these masks, and Dr Oz explained that just 30 minutes of applying a Seaweed Mask can make a huge difference in the appearance of Cellulite.

Dr Oz: Seaweed Cellulite Mask Recipe


  • 1 cup Seaweed
  • 1 cup Clay
  • 1/2 cup Lime Juice
  • 2 tablespoons Honey
  • 6 tablespoons Hot Water


  1. Grind your seaweed. Combine it with the clay.
  2. Mix with remaining ingredients.
  3. Apply to affected area; use plastic wrap to seal it on for about 30 minutes.
  4. Remove wrap and rinse off mixture.
  5. Repeat this weekly, as needed, until desired results are achieved.



  1. edna hillstock says

    like the show very much just too too late coming in my life had it been when I was younger my health might be much better and I wouldn’t be over weight and a diabetic all the same I am working on it at age 64 very bad issue with circulation in my right leg the same one my mama had amputated because of poor circulation and being a diabetic I take medication for that what about inner leg fat?

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