Dr Oz: Shrink Drink Smoothie Diet

Crash diets don’t usually work. An exception to this rule is the plan to lose two pounds overnight with Dr Caroline Apovian and the first stage of The Overnight Diet. Dr Oz agreed that having a stable amount of protein in your diet preserves lean muscle mass, which is important to prevent the negative health effects of yo-yo dieting. Check out how to get things started with her Orange Zest Smoothie. Here are the simple ingredients you need for this recipe:

Shrink Drinks are the first day in Dr Apovian’s diet plan. You should also check out the Banana Latte, Crispy Apple Smoothie, and Kale Margarita from this diet plan to lose two pounds in one day.

Dr Oz: Swimsuit Diet Program

Dr Oz: Orange Zest Smoothie Recipe & Swimsuit Shrink Drink Diet

Want to get ready for swimsuit season? Dr Oz has an Orange Zest Smoothie recipe as part of a shrink drink diet program to help you lose 2 pounds overnight.

These beverage recipes are part of a one-week plan to lose five pounds, as featured in Dr Apovian’s book, The Overnight Diet. Just be sure to follow the liquid-only plan for the first day, and stick to her guidelines for the rest of the week, so you have great success on this meal program.

You will be ready to show off your beach body in a swimsuit after you try these easy-to-follow and science-backed healthy weight loss recommendations, endorsed by Dr Oz. He trusts Dr Apovian so much that she is part of the medical advisory team on his show.

Dr Oz: Orange Zest Smoothie Recipe

For breakfast on the first day of this diet plan, be sure to enjoy the Orange Zest Smoothie Recipe below. Customize it by mixing up the fruits if you like, and remember that organic is the best option for citrus when you are zesting, because it prevents you from ingesting the chemicals that may have been used on the peels of the fruits.

Dr Oz Orange Zest Smoothie Ingredients

  • 1 cup fat-free plain Greek yogurt
  • Zest of one whole orange
  • 1 whole seedless orange, quartered (including the flesh, sections and pith)
  • 1/2 banana sliced
  • 1 Italian plum, pitted (or regular plum)
  • Juice of whole lemon
  • 3 large Swiss chard leaves, deribbed

Dr Oz Orange Zest Smoothie Directions

  1. Mix the ingredients using a blender and drink immediately.

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