Dr Oz Morning Liver Elixir Detoxifying Drink Recipe: Lemon + Hot Sauce


Dr Oz: How To Restart Your Liver

You’ve been eating the wrong things for several years now. In fact, you grew up on burgers and fries. You’ve also been known to partake in the festivities one too many times during the holidays (and then some.) If your food and drink intake is causing you concern, no need to worry. Doctor Oz says you can restart your liver today for a healthier life, as part of his How to Restart Your Body Show.


  1. Glenda says

    Dr Ox says that you do not get Glutathione in pill or capsule form I think you do just bought capsules containing L-Glutathione reduced Setria 200mg,VitA
    25,000.00IU,Magnesium 100mg,Milk Thistle Extract 240mg,L-Hydroxyproline (Lumistor) 500mg Casein decapeptide (Lactium) 167mg is there something wrong with this dosage can this harm the system must say feel very rested and calm in the morning meant to take dosage at night x 2 capsules after a meal before retiring for the evening works for me please advise Thanx Greaaaaat Show Glenda

  2. Debra Damato says

    I have cirrhosis of the liver, because I had gone untreated for sometime learning I had contacted Hep C. I was told I would be dead in a few years, if I didn’t do the interferon treatment. It’s been 20 yrs and I did find another treatment that was proven to be more successful and it has been in remission for many years. However, I now have 3 beautiful grandaughters 3ys, 3yrs and 1 yr. I want to be around to watch them grow. I would love to know any other hints I can use to detox my body. I will be trying the warm water, hot sauce as soon as I get some fresh lemons tomorrow. I also need to loose 20lbs. to also be healthier. And it seems this has been very difficult. Please advise

  3. says

    I have been doing the lemon hot sauce in room temperature water ever since I saw this on Oz.
    Probably a year. I use bottled lemon Juice or Lime Juice, but I have kicked it up a notch. Instead of the average hot sauces, I use Vicious Viper hot sauce. I use 5 or 6 shakes. Let me warn you that his hot sauce is 2 million scoville units.
    The days that I find myself draging are the days I fail to take it first thing in the morning. I have done it after lunch, and it is amazing how quickly the dragging feeling goes away.

    Pastor Clint

  4. Janice Young says

    Can you use bottled lemon juice or should I use real lemons.. I want to do it right if I an going to do it…. Thanks in advance.

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