Dr Oz: Is Mayonnaise Healthy? + Mexican Street Corn & Fish Recipe


Dr Oz: What Mayonnaise is Healthiest?

According to Dr Oz, Fat is Back! If you’re looking for ways to feel fuller longer, helping you to lose weight, this just may be your solution. First, it’s time to give mayonnaise another chance. To look back at the history of mayonnaise, you have to go back to 1756 in France. It’s reported that after a French Duke beat the British at Port Mahon, his personal chef wanted to make him a victory feast. The chef wanted to whip up a sauce consisting only of cream and eggs but realized there was no cream in the kitchen. Instead, he substituted olive oil, thus “mahonnaise” was born.

Is Low-Fat & Fat-Free Mayo Good For You?

Then in 1903, Dr. Oz said that the sauce was brought to America but over the years mayonnaise turned into a processed, convenient condiment. Then in the 80’s and 90’s consumers began wanting low-fat or no-fat products, and mayonnaise decreased in popularity. But now mayonnaise companies are finding ways to rebrand themselves and supermarkets are now stocked with healthier, more popular options. Does that mean mayonnaise is making a comeback? You may be shocked by what Dr. Oz revealed and the recipes on the next page…


Dr Oz: Is Mayonnaise Healthy? & Mexican Street Corn Recipe

Can you really enjoy mayonnaise without the guilt? Dr Oz explained why he believes full fat mayo is back full-force! (jesswebb / Flickr)


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