Dr Oz: Hot Chocolate Wine Recipe, Vitamin C Powder & Pineapple Storage


Dr Oz: Tim Ferriss Vitamins

Now that you know how to make Tim Ferriss’ Crispy Coconut Comfort Chicken recipe, along with his nutritious Edible Dirt recipe from earlier, it’s time to get a few final tips on good health in and out of the kitchen. See why D-Ribose is an essential vitamin, cooking with Vitamin C powder,  and get the Chocolate Wine recipe that is actually good for you.

Dr Oz: Lemon Juice Flavor Enhancer

Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Chef, said that you can improve the taste of any bland dish with one quick fix: squeeze fresh citrus juice over it to improve the taste and simultaneously lower its glycemic index.

Dr Oz: Tim Ferriss Vitamin C Powder

Those vitamins you take for your health can also be great ingredients if you just bring them into the kitchen.

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