Dr Oz: Fat-urday Breakfast Wrap Recipe & How To Cheat On Your Diet


Dr Oz: Fat-urday Diet Cheats

Countless talk shows (and even dozens of Dr Oz episodes) have doled out weight loss advice, but this episode featured a surprise twist: Dr Oz wants you to cheat on your diet, and he is giving you the tools to do it. Call your cheat day Fat-urday and find out his suggestions for cheat foods, such as his Fat-urday Breakfast Wrap Recipe and even salty snacks.

Dr Oz recruited three viewers to help demonstrate how your diet cheat day should work. He invited Jennifer, Michelle, and Linda to spend $100 eating whatever they wanted during a cheat day. If you had license to eat all the junk you wanted, what would you choose? Cookies, ice cream, French fries, pizza and more made these women’s lists.


Once the chaos was over, it was time to count calories, and here is how the women stacked up.

  • Jennifer – 3362 calories
  • Michelle – 2508 calories
  • Linda – 3217 calories

Jennifer loved not having to count calories or keep track of everything she was eating. Linda said that cheating fuels her emotional eating habits. Michelle called herself a social eater who ends up getting off track while dining out with friends.

Dr Oz: How To Cheat On Your Diet

Dr Oz: Fat-urday Breakfast Wrap Recipe

Dr Oz shared how to cheat on your diet and lose weight, with meals like the Fat-urday Breakfast Wrap Recipe.


Dr Oz said that cheating can actually help you lose more weight on a diet, but it’s important to maintain some semblance of guidelines. That’s why he put together some helpful rules you can stick to so you can incorporate Fat-urday into your own routine.

The reason cheating on your diet works is that certain foods will stimulate your metabolism and thyroid gland. That means your body will let go of the fat instead of trying to hold onto it, which is what happens when dieters starve themselves. Cheating smart can actually help you slim down.

Faturday Diet Cheat Rules

Here are the guidelines Dr Oz said you should try to stick with to get the best results from your dieting cheat days.

Choose your Fat-urday. Put at least five days between your cheat days.

Cut out temptations. That may mean no eating in the car, grazing from the fridge or snacking around the house. When you cheat and eat, sit down and stay in one place.

Have a Fat-urday meal plan. This would probably include three meals and two snacks, making sure to hit all your favorite cravings.

Dr Oz: Fat-urday Breakfast Wrap Recipe

Do you need some meal ideas to help get you started on your Fat-urday diet cheats? (Let’s face it, you probably don’t. We all know how to eat things that are bad for us.)

Dr Oz suggested creating a Fat-urday Breakfast Wrap, and here’s how to do that.


  • 2 strips Turkey Bacon
  • 2 Eggs
  • Whole Wheat Wrap


  1. Prepare the bacon and eggs.
  2. Combine ingredients in the wrap and serve hot.

Dr Oz: Salty Snack Cheats

Dr Oz said that the morning is the best time to enjoy salty treats during your cheat day or Fat-urday. He suggested a low calorie cheese, such as Brie or Goat Cheese. You can combine that with grapes, whole grain crackers and a tall glass of water for a flavorful snack that probably doesn’t feel like cheating at all.

Dr Oz: Fat-urday Carb Cheats

By lunchtime, you can start piling on the cheat carbs to activate your Thyroid Gland and rev the Metabolism. Think about a slice of pizza on Whole Wheat crust. You can pick lean toppings, such as grilled chicken or vegetables.

Dr Oz: Sugar Cheats

For an afternoon snack, stick to simple sugars. This might include 10 Almonds or 1/2 cup of Frozen Yogurt. Michelle gave Dr Oz’s Frozen Yogurt idea her seal of approval.

Dr Oz: Fat-urday Protein Cheats

At dinner, make sure you’re getting enough protein to round out your day. Try a 4-ounce lean Strip Steak and veggie fries.

If you follow Dr Oz’s Fat-urday Meal Plan, your tally for the day will add up to about 1379 calories. That’s just about right, because women trying to lose weight need an average of about 1500 calories per day. Cutting that caloric limit will teach your body to store fat, which is not what you want. Make sure you’re eating enough so the body knows it’s OK to let the pounds go.

Remember to do this in moderation, no more than once or twice per week, and try to stick to your diet plan for the rest of the week. You might fight it easier knowing that a cheat day is just around the corner.


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