Dr Oz: Diet Rules You Should Break & Chocolate Berry Parfait Recipe


Dr Oz: Breaking Diet Rules

Dieting can be a laborious process, because there are lots of rules to follow and guidelines to keep track of. If you’re having trouble keeping it all straight, you’ll want to hear this. Dr Oz is giving you permission to break the rules when it comes to your diet, and still get results. Plus, he shared a Chocolate Berry Parfait Recipe.

Dr Oz Diet: Fruits & Veggies

Rules are made to be broken; at least, that’s how our brains think of them. Annette in the audience said she was inspired by Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss. She has lost 20 pounds on her own, but she needs help getting to the next step.


Chocolate Berry Parfait Recipe & Dr Oz Diet Rules

If you feel like Diet Rules have your hands tied, check out Dr Oz's advice & Chocolate Berry Parfait Recipe.

Annette said she’s tired of eating the same foods every day. Dr Oz told her to break the old rule of eating seven servings of fruits and vegetables every day. Instead, fill half your plate with produce at every meal.

This can include a mix of salads or other fresh ingredients that are full of health benefits.


Dr Oz: Red Meat Diet

Another old dieting rule is that red meat isn’t allowed. But Dr Oz said it’s OK to eat lean meats in moderation. He recommended Sirloin and Top Round because of their low fat content, which is usually less than 10%.

Dr Oz: Daily Drinking Water

Have you heard the rule that you’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water every day? Dr Oz is breaking this one too, telling you to eat your water instead. Many foods contain plenty of water. Watermelon is one of the highest, with 90% water. Melons, soups, and even lettuce are great ways to get more water in your diet.

Drinking (or eating) more water will flush your system of toxins and make your urine run clear. Dr Oz said if you’re urinating six or seven times a day, that’s a sign that you’re getting enough water in your diet.

Dr Oz: 30 Minute Exercise Rule

Dr Oz said the old advice that you should exercise for one hour a day is a rule worth breaking. He suggested trying to get in a 30 minute workout five or six days a week. EVen going for a walk will get your heartbeat going. Just walking to the trash can or fidgeting at your desk can burn extra calories.

Dr Oz Diet: Dessert Rule

If you think dieting means you have to skip dessert, think again. Depriving yourself makes you more likely to fail on your diet. Instead, incorporate healthy desserts into your routine, like Dr Oz’s Chocolate Berry Parfait.

Dr Oz: Chocolate Berry Parfait Recipe

This healthy dessert tastes great and is guilt free. There are only 105 calories in a single serving.


  • ¼ cup Low Fat Ricotta Cheese
  • 1 teaspoon Cocoa Powder
  • ¼ cup Fresh Berries


  1. Layer the ingredients in a dish or parfait glass.
  2. Serve as a sweet, protein rich dessert.


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