Dr Oz: Derriere Diet, Big Butt Meal Plan & Kudzu Root Supplement


Dr Oz: Big Butt Diet

Have you noticed the recent cultural trend toward celebrating big butts? If so, you’re not alone. Dr Oz has noticed this as well, and according to him, today’s women are an average 24 pounds heavier than they were 50 years ago. With every part of your body slowly expanding, it’s hard to tell whether your butt is getting bigger. Not to mention, movie theaters have bigger seats, and even car seat belts are bigger these days. All these changes are meant to accommodate our larger selves, but they could be enabling our bad habits without us even realizing it. For those ready to make a change and do something about all this, Dr Oz shared his Fat Butt Diet Plan, along with a Kudzu Root Supplement review.

To start off the show, he had several audience members show off their butts on stage, wearing just their underwear and T-shirts. One of the largest women in the group, Diana, said that she has been trying in vain for years to get rid of her big butt.


Others agreed that they’d love to slim down their backsides and they’re not proud of what they’ve got going on back there. Another woman even admitted that she tries to emphasize some of her other features so she’s not just drawing attention to her backside.

Dr Oz: Subcutaneous Fat

Dr Oz Butt Diet Meal Plan

If you are eating to get your rear end in shape, check out Dr Oz's Butt Diet Meal Plan guidelines, plus the Kudzu Root Supplement.

Dr Oz invited Diana to learn firsthand how fat works. There are different layers of fat that accumulate on our bodies, building up slowly over time. The muscles in the butt are very tough, and biologically this is a common area where it’s easy to gain weight, but difficult to burn fat off.


Sitting on your butt all day isn’t helping either, which is not Dr Oz’s way of trying to call you lazy. What’s actually happening when you sit is that you’re stretching out the fat in that area of the body, and that’s generating new fat cells, which is actually literally making you fatter because you’re sitting around.

Dr Oz: Derriere Diet

Are you ready to take Dr Oz’s advice and get the buns of steel you’ve always dreamed of? If this diet sounds perfect for you, get ready to learn some surprising foods you’re allowed to eat, including Dr Oz’s Fat Busting Brownie Recipe. Dr Oz’s audience used words like “saggy” and “jiggly” to describe their rear ends. But with this diet plan, you don’t have to accept your big butt.

The key is to actually load up on carbs, Dr Oz said. This should be your main calorie source when you’re trying to slim down your backside. The reason for this is that pasta and bread are loaded with carbohydrates that fuel your body with energy, but not fat. That means there’s nothing for the fat magnets in your butt cells to latch onto.

Dr Oz: Butt Diet Meal Plan

Dr Oz shared the following guidelines for this Butt Diet. Here is your goal intake for a day, along with a sample menu to get you started.

  • 275 grams Carbs
  • 150 grams Protein
  • 34 grams Fat


  • Blueberry Pancakes
  • Buckwheat


  • Chicken
  • Black Beans
  • Corn
  • Whole Wheat Tortilla


  • Turkey Meatloaf (with whole wheat breadcrumbs)
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Whole Wheat Roll

Kudzu Root Supplement Review

Dr Oz also recommended a supplement for slimming down your booty. He suggested taking 100 mg of Kudzu Root Supplement each day. Have you tried this product? Share your results or opinions in the comments.


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