SKINNY Crispy Apple Smoothie – {Lose 2 Pounds Tonight!!!}

Dr Oz: Crispy Apple Smoothie Recipe + Shrink Drinks Rapid Weight Loss

Crispy Apple Smoothie Recipe (YUM!!!)

Dr Oz: Lose 2 Pounds Tonight

Due to popular demand, there is a newly updated and improved version of Dr. Oz’s Crispy Apple Smoothie Recipe. It is among the most popular recipes of its kind on Pinterest. You’ll see why readers can’t get enough of this healthy drink, which is a fundamental building block of a healthy and scientifically studied weight loss diet! Plus, you will love Dr. Oz’s fabulous diet tips for success! Click here to get the new version of the Crispy Apple Smoothie! AND compare it to the original recipe by clicking on the next page button below…


  1. Mary kaye jernigan says

    What could I substitute for the greens? I’m on Coumadin and not allowed leafy greens and grapefruit…The crispy apple smoothie sounds delish, I just need a substitution for the spinach. Thank you so much! “Kaye”

    • Cherie, RN says

      Mary, you don’t need to avoid greens all together. If greens are something you enjoy, work with your Coumadin nurse to incorporate them into your diet. Greens are allowed while on Coumadin, as long as you can commit to doing it regularly. Having it as a part of your weekly plan, consistently, will allow you the ability to enjoy dark leafy greens. It’s important to work with your Coumadin nurse while transitioning to a diet with greens, and you should expect dosage increases and close monitoring of your inr for as few weeks until your body adjusts to the increased vitamin k. So, it takes some work, but it can be done.

      • Karen says

        But, could you please answer her about the spinach? I would be interested in knowing that as well. Spinach, in raw form, is specifically listed as a no-no for a Hypothyroid diet as well. So, is there something that can be used in place of the spinach?

  2. georgina says

    im allergic to carrots so what can i substitute in for that… also i dont have any protien powder by any chance is there a substitute for that

    • says

      Kale or any other dark green. Try zucchini, avocado and granny Smith Apple. Italian parsley is delicious. Butternut squash or sweet potato would be good in place of carrots.

  3. pinky says

    I m new to smoothies,want to knw if somone has tried this smoothy and got positive result.plz rply?also i had to Atend my bro weding in dec so want to lose alot of weight.

  4. Diane Bellora says

    2 Questions:

    1.) Which protein powder do you recommend?

    2.) I don’t like and will not eat spinach or it’s cousins – kale, collards, mustard greens, swiss chard, etc. What do you recommend as a subsitute?

  5. B says


    Even though you don’t like the green family, you will not even taste them once you blend them up really nicely. I would be more concerned with the protein powder,

  6. Kelly B says

    This smoothie is so good! I do have a couple recommendations to make it even better. First, freeze your fruit before you use them in smoothies. It helps give the smoothie that frozen slushy consistency. Second, try adding a pinch of cinnamon or apple pie spice to the smoothie. It gives it a little kick!

  7. angie says

    Ive tried a few different kinds of smoothies. I dont really like yogurt so it seems silly to buy it for a smoothie to try and not even knowing if I like it! I tried this smoothie because I like most of the ingredients. I was definitely iffy about the spinich. I figured it would make this drink taste like wet grass smells. Boy, was I wrong!!! This smoothie is fruity and delicious! Couldnt tell there were any veggies in it. And its filling! My first go at it wasnt great. I used a regular blender and I had to chew thru the drink. Needless to say…I didnt finish that one but the flavor was great so I went and got an emulsifier. Oh it was soooo good! I definitely recommend this for those who want to try something yummy and nutritious. wont regret it! Good luck to you!!!

  8. Laura says

    Does this recipe make more than one smoothie? Or are you supposed to drink the whole thing? How many days a week should you drink this? Can you drink it for breakfast or lunch or is it only for dinner?

    • says

      Kale or any other dark green. Try zucchini, avocado and granny Smith Apple. Italian parsley is delicious. Butternut squash or sweet potato would be good in place of carrots.

  9. Valerie says

    Mindy, I have used uncooked carrots in almost all of the smoothies that I make. If you blend in well in a blender you will never know. I make one with mango, strawberries, carrots and ice tea. Sounds weird but everyone who has ever tried it loves it! My kids are picky eaters and they can’t get enough of it.

  10. Ciara says

    can someone actually tell me if this smoothie really makes you drop 2 pounds over night or is that as ridiculous as it sounds?

  11. says

    Thank you for sharing this information. Anything for weight loss, I’m in. I’m trying to maintain my weight so recipes like this will really help me.

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