Dr Oz: Cashew Salad Dressing Recipe & Adzuki Beans Weight Loss


Dr Oz: Lose Weight Faster

Dr Oz and Dr Joel Fuhrman discussed why diets don’t work and explained the true hunger symptoms you will notice when your body needs healthy foods. Next, they explored The End of Diabetes with five foods that can help reduce the risk patients developing this chronic illness. You can even make a Cashew Salad Dressing Recipe after learning why Adzuki Beans are healthy.

Dr Oz: The End of Diabetes Review

Dr Joel Fuhrman’s latest book is called The End of Diabetes, and he shared five foods he said should be in your kitchen to help you avoid toxic hunger and prevent diabetes.


Dr Oz: How To Eat Pomegranates

Dr Oz: Cashew Salad Dressing Recipe & Adzuki Beans Weight Loss

Dr Oz shared a Cashew Salad Dressing recipe, the health benefits of Adzuki Beans, and how to eat pomegranates.

First on his list were pomegranates. He said that Pomegranates are great for lowering blood sugar, cholesterol and even blood pressure. They are anti-inflammatory and reduce your diabetes risk. Is there anything they can’t do?

Since they are a seasonal fruit, Dr Joel Fuhrman recommended buying extra when they are in season and freezing the seeds. He also shared an easier way to get the seeds out, if you are impatient with the method of soaking the fruit in water.


Make a 1/4” cut with a knife, around the edge of the fruit. Don’t let all the juice out, though. Hold the pomegranate halves with the seed side down, over a bowl. Hit the back of the fruit with a wooden spoon and watch the seeds fall right out.

Dr Oz: Cocoa Powder Antioxidants

Also on The End of Diabetes food list is cocoa powder, which is sugar free and rich in flavonols, an antioxidant that can prevent diabetes.

Dr Oz: Adzuki Beans Weight Loss

The biggest takeaway from this episode, according to Dr Oz, is Adzuki Beans. Dr Fuhrman explained that these are a diet weapon more people should take advantage of.

Adzuki Beans have negative net calories, like celery. If you eat 100 calories worth of Adzuki Beans, some of the calories simply pass through the body undigested. This can help your body burn fat faster, leading to quick weight loss in a healthy way.

Dr Oz: Squash & Healthy Carbs

Carbohydrates get a bad rap sometimes, but not all of them should be avoided. Squash made Dr Fuhrman’s foods to end diabetes, because it is a healthy carb. He said that it will fill you up and stimulate weight loss by helping regulate blood sugar. In fact, it is so good for you that you should eat as much as you want, he said.

Dr Oz: Cashew Diet

Finally, Dr Joel Fuhrman recommended keeping Cashews in your kitchen. He said that nuts and seeds are vital sources of fat in our diet.

While oils are almost instantly absorbed into the body, but nuts and seeds break down over many hours. That means they do not go into fat stores as easily as oil-based fats.

Dr Oz: Cashew Salad Dressing Recipe

To put cashews to work for you in a healthy way, try Dr Joel Fuhrman’s Cashew Salad Dressing Recipe.


  • 1/2 cup Cashews
  • 1/4 cup White Wine Vinegar
  • 1/4 cup Sesame Seeds
  • 2 Oranges, peeled
  • Lemon Juice, to taste


  1. Combine ingredients in a blender and use to season a delicious salad.

Dr Oz: The End of Diabetes?

Dr Joel Fuhrman said his goal is to wipe diabetes out. He said that obesity and diabetes are two health crises we are facing, but they are reversible. He said you can turn back Diabetes just by eating healthier foods such as the five he highlighted.




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