Dr Oz Brown Bag: Cucumber Sandwich + Chicken Caprese Skewers Recipe


Dr Oz Brown Bag Lunches

Brown bag lunches used to be simple: just peanut butter and jelly. Dr Oz invited viewer Cathy to show off some of her best healthy brown bag ideas, like the Cucumber Sandwich, Mason Jar Salad, and Chicken Caprese Skewers Recipe.

Cathy collects her favorite brown bag ideas on Pinterest, but she wasn’t always this way. Cathy told Dr Oz that she was tired of spending $50 each week on fast food lunches that did not make her feel good. She shared some of her favorite brown bag ideas.


Dr Oz: Mason Jar Salad Recipe

Cathy said one of her brown bag lunch ideas is Mason Jar Salad. She makes a big salad on Sunday that can last through the week, and she portions it into mason jars. Just put the salad dressing at the bottom of the jar and place the ingredients on top. Before you eat it, shake it up and it’s ready to go.

Dr Oz Brown Bag: Cucumber Sandwich + Chicken Caprese Skewers Recipe

A Dr Oz viewer shared her unique brown bag lunch ideas, including a low-calorie cucumber sandwich, chicken caprese skewers, and dark chocolate raspberries.

Because the dressing is on the bottom and it’s sealed in a glass jar, the salad won’t wilt prematurely. That is a fun idea that also looks really cool!


Dr Oz Brown Bag: Baby Cucumber Sandwich Recipe

Cathy showed off her recipe for a Baby Cucumber Sandwich. Instead of bread, she uses lower-calorie cucumber slices. Then you can use cheese, roast beef, or turkey, with some guacamole, between the slices. It’s simple but it sounds great.

This recipe could save 200 calories per meal by leaving out the bread, which will really add up.

Dr Oz Brown Bag Lunches: Chicken Caprese Skewers Recipe

This Chicken Caprese Skewers Recipe is another inventive way to save money and eat better. Cathy said she makes chicken one night for dinner and saves a piece of chicken for her lunch. She cuts it into chunks and skewers it with tomato, basil, and mozzarella balls.

It’s the perfect meal, and it doesn’t even need dressing.

Dr Oz: Dark Chocolate Raspberries Recipe

Everyone seemed to love the idea of Cathy’s Dark Chocolate Raspberries. She just puts a small piece of dark chocolate in the center of each raspberry. Raspberries are a healthy fruit, and dark chocolate is good for you.

Now you have a lot of great brown bag lunch ideas to try out. Which one of these recipe ideas sounds best to you? I like the Cucumber Sandwiches, but I want to know your favorite, so leave me a comment!


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