Dr Oz Booster Pizza Recipe: Diet Rehab Pizza by Dr Mike Dow


Dr Oz: Mike Dow Diet Pizza

Dr Oz featured ways to look beautiful and be happy throughout your life on his show. He shared the Goldie Hawn Depression Cure and Goldie’s Golden Rules from her book, 10 Mindful Minutes. He also explored the new Y Lift Facelift that doesn’t require cutting. Eating healthy foods doesn’t have to be a chore, and it doesn’t mean you can’t have your favorite indulgences. That’s according to Dr Mike Dow, who shared his Diet Rehab plan to Stop Food Cravings with Dr Oz. To prove this point, he even shared his Booster Pizza Recipe that is loaded with fresh and healthy ingredients you want to train your body to crave instead of junk and empty calories.

Dr Mike Dow: Booster Pizza Recipe

Booster Pizza Recipe: Dr Oz Diet Pizza

Dr Mike Dow shared his customizable, healthy Booster Pizza Recipe, which incorporates Booster Foods from Diet Rehab into a Diet Pizza.


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