Dr Oz: Banana Latte Smoothie Recipe & Protein Blend for Muscle Mass


Dr Oz: Banana Latte Smoothie Recipe & Protein Blend for Muscle Mass

Banana Latte Recipe (Yum!!!)

Dr Oz: Lose 5 Lbs. in One Week

How can you lose five pounds in one week? Dr Caroline Apovian said you can combine strategies to keep up your weight loss over the course of a week. It’s all about shrink drinks, and drinking your calories keeps you full to help your body release excess water and salt. Check out the Banana Latte Recipe featured by Dr Oz and Dr Apovian by clicking on the next page button below:


Shrink Drinks are the first day in Dr Apovian’s diet plan. You should also check out the Crispy Apple Smoothie, Kale Margarita, and Orange Zest Smoothie as part of the diet plan to lose two pounds in one day. Click on the next button to read about the best protein blend to build muscle and not fat (whey vs casein!):


Dr Oz: Protein Blend for Muscle Mass

Dr Caroline Apovian told Dr Oz about the importance of choosing the right protein mixture when you are attempting to shed two pounds in one day using her tools for success from The Overnight Diet.

What you will need for each of her smoothie drinks is a protein mix of Whey and Casein.

  • Whey Protein – metabolised quickly, goes right to muscles
  • Casein Protein – metabolised slowly, keeps you full all day

“The protein powder is important. It’s the secret ingredient,” Dr Apovian said. It is used in this Banana Latte Recipe as well as all the other drinks featured in this popular one-day beverage diet program. And now onto to the banana latte smoothie recipe (click on the next button to read it!):

Dr Oz: Banana Latte Smoothie Recipe

When you think about kicking off your day, it might be hard to picture without coffee. Try this drink as a mid-morning snack to give you that caffeine boost (or go decaf if you prefer), helping you satisfy that craving and stick to your goal of trying to lose two pounds in a hurry.

Dr Oz Banana Latte Ingredients

  • 1 scoop protein powder
  • 1 cup fat-free milk
  • 3/4 cup strong, black coffee (decaf is okay)
  • 2 bananas, sliced
  • 1 cup ice cubes

Dr Oz Banana Latte Directions

  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and mix to your preferred consistency.

Have you tried this smoothie? Share your thoughts and comments about substitutions in the comments section so others can learn from your experience.



  1. Ashu Pal says

    I always have that after morning exercise with boiled eggs, it make me full for hours, make my muscle grow faster & healthier. I also read, ripe bananas have higher on potassium & magnesium which help fight mental fatigue, depression & mood swings. It’s very true, you start to feel Happy & relaxed after a week or so by regularly taking this healthy banana shake/smoothie. I personally tried & tested it…

  2. Ashu Pal says

    Also i forgot to mention, try Vanilla flavored protein powder it makes your smoothie way tastier…coffee is optional.

  3. Meliha says

    I felt the smoothie was a little much. I eat small meals/snacks every 3 hours or so and I only consumed half the shake due to the calorie and sugar intake. It was tasty but a lot of calories and sugar.

  4. Heather says

    Bananas have natural sugar… Yes there is a lot of sugar in them, but it’s not refined or processed…. Our bodies cannot process those types of sugar…. If you’re that crazy about it only use 1 banana…

  5. Krystal says

    This taste great!
    Do I drink the whole thing as a substitute for a morning meal? How many do I drink a day to lose the weight with this? Thank you

  6. tinamarie says

    I tried this for the first time this morning. It’s a very good shake. I only used one banana because of the calories but it’s really not that much of difference you’re talking 90 calories for a small banana. I used a soy protein powder and used unsweetened almond milk and the whole thing was 204 calories. I drank the whole smootie about 7am and it kept me full until I ate at noon and even then I wasn’t as hungry as I normally am by that time. Also I feel more awake than normal and I’m a regular coffee drinker.

  7. Danielle says

    Do you put actual coffee grounds in the smoothie or do you use an instant coffee mix? That area is a little unclear to me. Please explain.

  8. Antonette says

    I made the coffee yesterday… the directions should have been much more clear about how much coffee to use… 3/4 cup of prepared or already made coffee.who sound better. I made code grounds and my body was jittery all day. I was up for 22 hrs total. I threw out the other portion after drinking 16 oz.The plus side to consuming so much, it forces you to eat otherwise you’ll feel sick, so you’re building your metabolism. I lost 4.5 lbs in 1 day!!! 3.5 lbs in 20 hours.

  9. Deborah says

    Tried the shake this morning and it was absolutely delish! However, I used only 3 slices of frozen banana, 1 scoop banana protein powder, 1/2 cup 2% milk and 3/4 coffee. Thanks for the recipe!

  10. Sherry says

    I replaced the milk with coconut water! Added a teaspoon of ground flax seed? It was a great tasting smoothie!

  11. Jami says

    Bananas do have sugar. But its NATURAL, UNPROCESSED sugar. So your body can actually digest it. If 2 bananas worth of sugar is THAT big of a deal, only use one! Use your brain. And for the woman saying others’ comments are stupid, your comment was stupid. Most people who get nutritional info from Dr. Oz arent nutritionists or personal trainers, therefore dont know everything there is to know about food or eating healthy. Give them a break and quit being a female dog.

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