Dr Oz: Anti-Inflammatory Toast Recipe & Big Belly Body Type Diet


Dr Oz: Body Type Breakthrough Diets

Dr Oz talked about targeting diet and weight loss results based on your body type. He shared Big Butt Diet Breakthroughs and helped women in the audience understand how different builds will have different responses to foods and exercise. Next, he turned his attention to the Big Belly Body Type Diet, with solutions and suggestions you can try to bust your gut, including his Anti-Inflammatory Toast Recipe.

One woman in the audience said she didn’t know how she got to be the size she is, recalling that she was once much smaller. She said strangers ask her is pregnant, which does not make her feel attractive. Another woman said her big belly slows her down when she’s trying to play with her children.


Anti-Inflammatory Toast Recipe: Dr Oz

Dr Oz's Big Belly Diet plan included his Anti-Inflammatory Toast Recipe with an avocado spread.

Audience member Lena said she was stressed out and tired of people staring at her stomach. Dr Oz and Lena strapped on some purple gloves and looked at two stomachs. One was from a person who had a big belly, while the other was not.

The Big Belly stomach had fat coating the entire intestinal system, while the Big Butt sample didn’t show fat surrounding the organs. A Big Belly is more likely to have fat around the heart, forming dangerous plaque. Lena also observed that the heart of the Big Belly sample was hard.


Dr Oz: Big Belly Body Type Breakthrough


  • Visceral Fat
  • Less healthy than the Big Butt, but easier to lose weight
  • Higher risk of Heart Disease, Type 2 Diabetes and Cancer
  • Slower metabolism

According to Dr Oz, the biggest reason it’s hard to lose belly fat is because of stress hormones. If you have a Big Belly, you won’t do well on a low fat diet. Instead, shift your focus to anti-inflammatory foods. Swap simple carbs for Buckwheat and Barley, which are inexpensive alternatives. Also try to find healthy Fats such as Avocado or Salmon.

Dr Oz: Big Belly Diet

For this body type diet, Dr Oz shared a couple recommendations.

  • Avoid refined carbs.
  • Eat anti-inflammatory foods with whole grains or healthy fats

Dr Oz: Anti-Inflammatory Toast Recipe

Here is the Anti-Inflammatory Toast Recipe Dr Oz shared on the show.


  • Ezekiel Bread (or other Whole Grain)
  • Avocado
  • Olive Oil
  • Lemon Juice
  • Red Chili Flakes


  1. Toast your bread.
  2. Slice Avocado and Lemon.
  3. Glaze bread with Olive Oil and Lemon.
  4. Combine remaining toppings to create a delicious and filling toast snack.

Lena approved of the taste, despite not being a huge fan of breads. Does this sound like a recipe you could try?

Dr Oz: Big Stomach Diet Workout

Fitness guru Geralyn Coopersmith shared some exercises that go hand in hand with the Big Belly Body Type Diet. She said that Cardiovascular workouts are key, but there’s an important caveat here. Steady cardio won’t get you the results you’re looking for. Instead, you want to try focusing on Metabolic Disturbance Training to constantly vary the heart rate in short bursts.

Is this the plan for you, or are you going to focus on Dr Oz’s Big Butt Diet Workout?


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