Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet & Skinny Shake Recipe by Dr Joel Fuhrman


Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet

Summer is right around the corner, but if you think it’s too late to get your body beach ready, think again. Dr Oz and his guest, Dr Joel Fuhrman, shared the Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet, which is the only quick weight loss diet that’s approved by Dr Oz. Find out what it entails, why he says it’s safe to try, and even how to make the Skinny Shake Recipe from today’s show.

Dr Joel Fuhrman has seen more than 20,000 patients over his career, and he’s seen what works or doesn’t work when it comes to losing weight quickly. That’s how he developed this plan, which he said leads to dramatic results for many dieters. According to him, this plan could help you lose an entire dress size in only a week.


Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet

The Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet focuses on incorporating nutrient dense foods, such as leafy greens, and fresh fruits & veggies.

One woman who followed this plan lost 120 pounds over the course of a year; another shed 100 pounds. Dr Fuhrman said that’s because his plan takes a new approach. Instead of reducing fat and counting calories, you should be looking for healthy nutrients in the foods you eat. Fruits and grains are examples of nutrient dense foods that help the body burn fat quickly. On the other end of the spectrum are meats, dairy, and desserts.

Dr Oz: Nutrient Density Scale

The first thing you need to know to succeed with the Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet is the Nutrient Density Scale, which rates foods on a scale of 1 to 100, based on their nutrition content. Sweets rank near the 0 mark, while meats are about a 6. Dairy comes in around 8, while starchy vegetables rank around 25. Fresh fruits climb all the way up to 45, and dark, leafy greens top the charts at 100. By eating foods with higher numbers, you will better equip your body to lose weight, even if you’re enjoying some of the low number foods in moderation.


Junk Food Vs Nutrient Dense Food

Eating more of the high number foods means you’ll burn more fat. But eating 1000 calorie bowl of potato chips every week that you don’t burn off could add 15 pounds to your weight over the course of a year, while making you crave more salty junk.

If you are eating greens or other nutrient rich foods, you’ll actually lose weight over time. Plus, these foods can put an end to the so-called toxic hunger that makes you crave crap, even when you know it’s bad for you. Nutrient rich foods will eventually stop you from overeating, and you could be losing up to 10 pounds per week (including fluid).

Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet: 90/10 Rule

From the audience, Sabrina said she wanted to lose weight quickly. She’s tried crash diets before, but she hasn’t been able to stick with them, and she said she’s always hungry. The Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet has a 90/10 Rule, which means 90% of your diet should be nutrient dense (vegetables, seeds, nuts, fruits and beans). The other 10% should focus on healthy, lean meats and dairy. Choose foods you know will fill you up in a healthy way.

Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet: Breakfast

At breakfast, keep it light and lean with oatmeal and fresh fruit. Skip the dairy, cereal, and meat to keep your body in detox mode. Skip the sugar on your oatmeal, because it will only make you more hungry.

Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet: Lunch

Sabrina said she likes fried chicken or rice and curry at lunchtime. Instead, Dr Fuhrman suggested trying a Belly Blasting Lunch of beans, which help the body burn fat while filling you up and keeping your insulin levels low.

Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet: Dinner

At dinner time, try finding a delicious way to your weight loss goals, such as a Pita Pizza with Broccoli or an Eggplant Roll Up. Dr Oz said sticking to this plan for only seven days will help you get weight loss results.

Dr Oz 7 Day Crash Diet: Berries, Onions & Mushrooms

Try adding more berries, onions, and mushrooms to your diet so you can help fuel your body’s fat burning processes. These fat blasting foods manage your glucose and insulin levels, and they can be eaten throughout the day at each meal, in whatever combination or arrangement you prefer.

Dr Oz Skinny Shake Recipe

Dr Oz also shared his recipe for a Skinny Shake that you can use to detox on his diet and still enjoy a sweet treat. It’s got anti-inflammatory power from its ingredients, and it will satisfy your appetite.


  • 1 cup Ice
  • 4 ounces Pomegranate Juice
  • 1 cup Strawberries, frozen
  • Fresh squeezed Lemon juice


  1. Combine ingredients in your blender.
  2. If needed, add water until mixture reaches your preferred consistency.
  3. Serve immediately.

Dr Fuhrman said you shouldn’t exercise on this diet, at least not in the beginning. It could make you feel sick, which might make you give up on the process. Try this out for a week or so before adding in exercise. Remember that this is a lifestyle change, not a diet, and focus on long term success.


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