Shower, Shampoo & Soap Reviews: Dr Joe Mercola & Dr Oz August 28 2012 Recap


Dr Oz August 28 2012

Controversial Dr Oz guest Dr Joe Mercola was back by popular demand for Dr Oz August 28 2012. Find out what the alternative medicine guru had to say this time. He shared his radical approaches to cancer treatment and prevention, while Dr Oz highlighted some supplements and spices he suggested could boost your energy and your spirits. Here’s what happened on Dr Oz August 28 2012.

Dr Joe Mercola: Eggplant Cream Cures Cancer?

Shower & Shampoo: Dr Oz August 28 2012 Recap

Get shampoo & soap reviews, plus advice on making the most of your shower, from Dr Oz August 28 2012.


Dr Joe Mercola told Dr Oz that he believes Eggplant Cream is a possible cure for Skin Cancer, and Dr Oz asked other experts what they thought of this notion. Dr Mercola also revealed some of his other favorite natural cures, such as Chlorella Green Mineral Algae.

Dr Oz: Chlorella Green Mineral Algae & Eggplant Cream | Dr Joe Mercola

Dr Oz: Shower Routine & Cloves Vs Cinnamon for Diabetes

Check out Dr Oz’s spice rack, with 10 must have seasoning items he says can boost your health at every meal. Find out how spices can even regulate blood sugar and help with management of Diabetes. Dr Oz also gave advice for making the most of your daily shower routine.


Jamaican Allspice, Apple Pie Spice & Cloves Vs Cinnamon for Diabetes

Bacopa, Milk Thistle & White Bean Extract Reviews

Dr Oz shared some of the season’s most popular and asked about supplements in this encore episode. Find out why people are still asking about White Bean Extract and other products that they heard about on Dr Oz’s show, and what supplements could do for your metabolism.

Dr Oz: Milk Thistle, Krill Oil, Bacopa & White Bean Extract Reviews

Tresemme Dry Shampoo & Giovanni Colorflage Color Defense Reviews

If you need help taming your terrible, uncooperative hair, there could be solutions on the way. Check out what Dr Oz learned from a Women’s Health editor about hair care products from leading companies like Tresemme. They also uncovered how you can take advantage of favorite household products to get hair under control once and for all.

Tresemme Dry Shampoo & Giovanni Colorflage Color Defense Reviews

Soap Reviews: Dove Vs Cetaphil Vs Neutrogena

Dr Oz’s final segment of the day took a look at how soaps have progressed and become specialized. We all have different challenges when it comes to skin care and moisturizer. But there are products innovating care for skin problems associated with aging, dry skin, and even acne.

Dr Oz Soap Reviews: Dove, Cetaphil & Neutrogena | Dry Skin, Acne, Aging


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