Rescue Remedy & Keurig Reviews: Dr Oz September 5 2012 Recap


Dr Oz September 5 2012

The Dr Oz September 5 2012 show featured an hour of Dr Oz’s best advice ever. In addition, he shared dozens of products worth over $1 million that can help make a difference in your healthy routine. Though this episode originally featured audience giveaways through the show’s official site, the contests have likely ended since this was an encore broadcast. But it’s not too early to use these reviews to get an early start on your holiday shopping. Here’s a look at the show’s best advice ever, from Dr Oz September 5 2012.

Dr Oz Anti-Aging: Clarisonic, Fitbit & Eau de Lite Reviews

Rescue Remedy & Keurig Reviews: Dr Oz September 5 2012 Recap

Dr Oz September 5 2012 featured product reviews & recommendations you can use to start holiday shopping or address common viewer concerns about energy, aging, stress & more.


This episode was broken into categories based on the show’s most popular topics and conversations through the years. The first segment focused on anti-aging, and Dr Oz shared a handful of products he reviewed to help you moisturize better, reduce puffiness, whiten your teeth and much more.

Dr Oz Energy Boosters: Sodastream Fizz & Keurig Vue Brewing System Reviews

Everything is better when it’s homemade, in Dr Oz’s view. He focused this next segment of product reviews on favorite Energy Boosters. Find out about his ultimate snack ingredients that are finally combined in one handy snack pack. Plus, learn why he gave rave reviews to the Sodastream Fizz and Keurig Vue systems, and get his insights on the perfect ways to incorporate coffee into your daily routine.

Alternative Medicine: Acupressure Mat & CFL Light Bulbs

Alternative treatment expert Bryce Wilde joined Dr Oz to talk about ways to improve your body’s natural defenses and keep you healthy year round. Check out what the pair had to say about everything from CFL light bulbs to a mat that will actually give you acupressure treatments and the Himalayan Salt Inhaler.


Dr Oz Sleep: Nuttzo PF Butter & Binaural Beats Sleepphones

Are you having trouble getting a better night’s sleep? Better check your pillow and find out about the peanut-free butter Dr Oz said could help change your blood sugar to help you sleep through the night. Plus, could headphones be the key to lulling you into a relaxed and blissful state as you drift away at the end of the day?

Dr Oz Stress: Rescue Remedy & Jumpsport Trampoline

The giveaways may have ended, but the relaxation is just beginning. Dr Oz saved the best for last with his suggestions and product reviews for stress relief. Learn why a trampoline workout or Dr Oz’s beloved Rescue Remedy could be helping you melt away stress. Get a break from your routine with these featured products.



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      The giveaways were administered through the official Dr Oz site. Since today’s episode was a repeat, the giveaways appear to have ended. But hopefully he will be giving away more goodies in the new season.

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