Real Age Beauty & Lingonberry Smoothie: Dr Oz September 7 2012 Recap


Dr Oz September 7 2012

Dr Oz September 7 2012 concluded a summer of encore episodes featuring great advice from the past season of Dr Oz episodes. This show focused on the Real Age Skin Quiz, which had audience members baring their faces without makeup to learn how old their skin actually is. Find out about the latest treatments and trends. Plus, see why Dr Oz believes you’ll be hearing a lot more about Lingonberries in the future. Here’s what you missed on Dr Oz September 7 2012.

Dr Oz: The Real Age Beauty Quiz

Real Age Beauty: Dr Oz September 7 2012 Recap

Dr Oz September 7 2012 included sleep product reviews & beauty advice. Is your skin aging faster or slower than the rest of you?


Dr Oz invited his audience to show up at the studio without their makeup. He even let them complain about his request. It was all in the name of medical science, because he wanted to show how your skin could be aging slower or faster than you are. Take some of the test questions yourself and see what you learn.

Vampire Facelift Cost Vs Clear + Beautiful Review

Innovative treatments on the cutting edge of beauty include the Vampire Facelift and a Clear + Beautiful laser process. But beauty doesn’t come cheap. Also, find out what beauty products are recommended by an editor from Prevention. These may be a little more realistic, budget-wise.

Hair Repair: Redken Time Reset & Garnier Fructis Reviews

As you get older, the natural oils in your hair start to dissipate. Learn what products you can use to reverse this process and keep your locks luscious for as long as possible. Plus, learn the two mistakes you may be making every day that are prematurely aging your hair. Read this before you take your next shower.


Dr Oz: Lingonberry Smoothie Recipe

According to Dr Oz, the Lingonberry is our next big antioxidant superfood. This potent berry is already catching on in Europe, but where can you find it here in the US? Also, learn how you can make it a hit at home with the kids, thanks to Dr Oz’s Lingonberry Smoothie Recipe.

Bedroom Sleep Tips & Products

Dr Oz explained the ideal temperature and colors to use in your bedroom. Following these guidelines could help you get more and better rest, which is a good thing because poor sleep is also a cause of premature aging. Check out the product reviews highlighted in this segment that could really ramp up your sleep environment.


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