Pubic Hair Dye, African Black Soap & Carb Swaps: Dr Oz June 12 2012


Dr Oz June 12 2012

Whether you’re too embarrassed about what’s going on down there or just don’t know how to bring up certain questions with your doctor, you’re not alone. That’s why Dr Oz tackled some of the most asked anonymous personal health questions. The Dr Oz June 12 2012 show also included Mood Supplement Reviews, International Anti-Aging Secrets, and Carb Swaps for weight loss. Check out all the segments from Dr Oz June 12 2012.

Dr Oz: Hot Pink Pubic Hair Dye & How To Wax Your Butt

Dr Oz June 12 2012: Anti-Aging Tips

The Dr Oz June 12 2012 episode tackled anti-aging & mood boosting supplements, plus intimate questions such as can you get pregnant on your period?

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